Rose Mclver is an actress who is from New Zealand was born on the 10th of October in the year 1988. Her birth name is Frances Rose Mclver. She is well known for her role in the Ranger Operator series Yellow in the Power Rangers : RPM which was in the year 2009. She did the role of Summer Landsdown. He gave her filming debut in the year 2009 when she did The Lovely Bones. Her some other movies also include Predicament, Light Years. Her latest featured movie is Blinder. Mclver has also guest appeared in several movies which are Xena, Hercules and also in Legend of the Seeker. She is currently engaged in the supernatural show from ABC, Once Upon a Time and also in the Showtime series Masters of Sex. She was born in Auckland, New Zealand.

She was raised by her parents in Titirangi while her father John George Whitfield was a photographer and her mother Annie was an artist. Her elder brother Paul Mclver is a musician and also a former actor. By the age of thirteen she had studied ballet and was also involved in jazz dance. She went to the Avondale College and then graduated in the year 2006. Before Avondale she attended the University of Auckland where she did her majors in psychology and in linguistics. Although she had majored in the subjects she did not completed her studies in the university.

When she was of two years old she had the chance to appear in different commercials and at the age of three she got the opportunity to play as an angel in the movie The Piano. Her most of the works include in the New Zealand television stations where she had done different featured dramas and also shows like Maddigan’s Quest and Rude Awakenings. She had also done different television movies like Hercules and its series. Rose has also done Maiden Voyage. She did two of the Disney Channel movies as well which is Million Dollar Cook-Off which was telecasted in the year 2003 and in Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board which was in the year 2007. The movie was considered as the sequel to Johnny Tsunami which was premiered in the year 1999. She had appeared in the Power rangers: RPM from the month of March to December in the year 2009 and had done 32 episodes in total. The movie, The Lovely Bones was released in the year 11th December 2009 which was the production from Peter Jackson. Then her next appearance was in the movie Predicament which was from the adaptation from the novel written by Ronald Hugh Morrieson.

Her recently appeared television movie is Tangiwai which was released on TVOne on 14th August, 2011. the film was based on the Tangiwai disaster which happened in the year 1953. Mclver had played the role of Nerissa Love as the fiancé of New Zealand cricketer Bob Blair. She had also done a role in the comedy series of Super City where she played the role of a cheerleader Candice. She has also appeared in the episode of Made in Hollywood and also on the two episodes of the talk show Xpose which is the production of an Ireland television network. Then later in the year 2013 during the month of July she was appointed the role of Tinker Bell for the episode of Once Upon a Time. A year later in the year 2014, Rose was casted as the adult version of Cathy Dollanganger in the television movie Petals on the Wind which is adapted from the book which is written by V.C Andrews. In the same year she was announced to appear in the CW series iZombie.