Rosanna Pansino, the culinary expert, has recently cleared up the air about her and Nerdy Nummies manager and producer, Mike Lamond aka Husky’s relationship. On Nov 20, 2018, Rosanna shared a video entitled THE BOYFRIEND TAG !!! on her self-titled YouTube channel.

Dating Husky

The rumor of them dating started swirling around the web since 2014, but they were yet to confirm their relationship. In the video, they shared a lot of things starting from their love story to small details of their likes and dislikes. The two first met at Anaheim Convention Center, when Husky was running a gaming YouTube channel. More recently, he took down his YouTube channel.

Husky commentated eSports events all over the country and used to appear as a commentator at StarCraft tournaments regularly. He started managing talents after he moved to LA to build the gaming branch of a company. After working together for years, they gradually started falling for each other.

While answering FAQs, the pair revealed that they have been together for 6 years, but they don’t have an actual anniversary date. In the process, the 31-year-old revealed that Rosanna’s joke about Dinosaur triggered his feeling for her. They disclosed that their similar passion and work interest is really helping them to keep up the great work they have been doing and their relationship simultaneously.

They might be so in love right now, but when it comes to marriage and children, they would say “no no.” While answering one of the fan’s questions about marriage, they have got a similar answer as they said, “you don’t marry someone in the first decade.”