Robert L Zemeckis is an American-Lithuanian scriptwriter, producer and also a movie director. His main potentiality got recognized in the year 1980 when he created and also directed the movie Back to the Future and its series as well. The movie was listed in the comedic genre. He was born on the 14th of May in the year of 1952. He is also the winner of the Academy Award for the action and animation movie Who framed Roger Rabbit which was released in the year of 1988. His another achievement also includes the Academy Award for Best Director for the movie Forrest Grump which was in the year 1994. In his childhood times he used to make up some narrative movies with his friends. He was influenced by Bonnie and Clyde which he watched with his movie and had interest in the movie industry. He had only applied to University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Robert later graduated from the USC in the year 1973.

When he was in the USC he got to meet Bob Gale and maintained close friendship with him. Gale was a student there and also a writer. Robert had achieved the Student Academy Award at his University for the movie A Field of Honor. He was then noticed by Steven Spielberg and was impressed by his creative works. Later Steven appointed Zemeckis as his mentor for his movies. Steven also helped Robert with his movies where he produced movies of Zemeckis which were Who Framed Roger rabbit and the trilogy of Back to the Future. Some of his productions like I Wanna Hold Your Hand which was released in the year of 1978 got positive reviews along with the movie Used Cars which was released in 1980. The movies did not do good financially but got much praised for Robert’s work. His another directed movie was 1941 which was released in the year 1979. The script had the assistant of Gale too which was written by Zemeckis.

He had not got much of the work in the year 1980 where he got his failures before. He was then hired in the year 1984 by Michael Douglas for directing the movie Romancing The Stone. The movie was at first thought to be a flop but it turned out to be a great hit. After his directing the movie he met Alan Silvestri. He then had to work for the movie Back to the Future which had the stars like Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson. It was the 1985 release and was categorized as the most successful movie at that time. The second part was released in the year 1989 while the third installment was released in the year 1990. Then later in the year after 2000 he got much interested in digital movies. In the year of 2007 during the month of February he and the chairman of the Walt Disney Studio Dick Cook made an announcement for the development of 3D movies. The new technology was used in the movie Beowulf which was directed by Zemeckis himself. The movie was released on the 16th of November in the year of 2007 and got mixed comments.

Robert Zemeckis married actress Mary Ellen Trainor and had a son named Alexander Francis. He said that his marriage could not go with his career in his filmmaking and then later got divorce. He then married Leslie Harter who is also an actress on 4th December 2001. The couple has got two children and named them Zane and Rhys. He is not only engaged in his filming career but is also a private pilot and also is partially associated with some of the political parties.