Robert John Downey is one of the versatile and great actor of Hollywood. This amazing and talented actor was born in April 4, 1965. He is an American guy with many talents. He is an actor, film maker as well as singer. His father is also a film maker. By the help of his father, he starts his film career at the age of five. He firstly plays a film Pound as a child artist. He is actively showing is performance since 1970 to present. He has two spouses Deborah Falconer and Susan Downey. He married Deborah Falconer on 1992 may 29. She is professionally an actress and a singer. They took divorce on April 26, 2004. He met Susan Levin on 2003.she is professionally a film producer. Downey proposed her. They get married on august 27, 2005. He also has one sister name Allyson. Robert and Allyson spend their childhood life in Greenwich Village. He also has three amazing child. He is now living in the beautiful place Manhattan in New York.

Robert john Downey is a handsome guy of the age 49. His ethnicity is white. He has a beautiful and sexy eye. He has a black thick hair. He is a fashionable man. He is strongly built up. He is a typical guy. He has a brown eye. He is able to maintain his body. He is looking slim with perfect looks.

Downey starts his career from the theater. He plays many films like Air America, Soapdish, and Natural born Killers in his early age. In 1992, he play the film Charlie Chaplin in which he play the lead role of the character Chaplin. This film helps him to get in the nomination of Academic award of best actor. He also plays in the TV series Ally McBeal. By this film, he is awarded by the Golden Globe award For Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting role in a series, miniseries, or Television Film. He also makes his career in the musical field. He gave his soundtrack in many films like Chaplin, Friends and lover, The singing Detective, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang etc. The Futurist was his CD which he released in 2004. He also has two friends who help him in backup singing. He also has established his own production company. His wife, Susan also helps him. The name of the production company is Team Downey which is established in June 14, 2010. The judge was the first project of this company.

Robert Downey also faced many problems. He was a drug addict. His father and he took marijuana together. He was also arrested many times by this addiction. He was also sent to the rehab center to get rid from this. Finally, he gets out of this.

He has given many blockbuster films to Hollywood. Some of his best movies are:

·         Weird Science (1985)

·         Back to School(1986)

·         The Pick-Up Artist(1987)

·         Less Than Zero(1987)

·         Johnny Be Good(1988)

·         Chances Are (1989)

·         Air America (1990)

·         Chaplin (1992)

·         Heart and Souls(1993)

·         Short cuts

·         Natural Born Killers(1994)

·         Hail Caesar (1994)

·         Born Killers(1994)


·         Black and White(1999)

·         The Singing Detective (2003)

·         Kiss Kiss Bang Bang(2005)

·         Good Night, and Good Luck (2005)

·         The Shaggy Dog(2006)

·         A Scanner Darkly(2006)

·         A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (2006)

·         Zodiac (2007)

·         Charlie Bartlett(2008)

·         Iron Man (2008)

·         Tropic Thunder(2008)

·         The Soloist (2009)

·         Sherlock Holmes(2009)

·         Iron Man 2 (2010)

·         Due Date (2010)

·         Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows(2011)

·         The Avengers (2012)

·         Iron Man 3 (2013)

·         The Judge (2014)

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