Famous American traveler Rick Steves (born May 10, 1955) took his first trip to Europe in 1969 with his father, who was a piano importer.

When he was 18 years old, he started teaching piano lessons to fund his travel expenses.

In the year 1976, he started his own business Rick Steves’ Europe which now employs more than 100 experienced travelers at his headquarters in Washington State.

Rick once donated a 24 unit apartment worth $4 million to single mothers.

Rick has written on his blog that he was motivated to do so because he had been roaming around Europe without a roof above his head as a young camper.

He has talked about sleeping in churches, trains and also staying over in his friend’s hotel rooms.

Rick is also an active marijuana enthusiast who believes that every adult has a right to do whatever they want in their private world as long as they don’t hurt anyone.

Apart from his professional life, Rick Steves’ was married to his longtime girlfriend, Anne Steves before they separated in 2010.

With Anne, he welcomed two children, Andie Steves and Jackie Steves.

Anne filed for divorce in September 2009 at the Snohomish Superior Court, and the divorce was finalized on March 5, 2010.

Rick traveled to Europe for four months every year, and the couple spent considerable time apart which might have led to their divorce.

Rick Steves wrote on his blog in 2012 that he had been traveling with a remarkable woman named Trish Feaster.

Feaster works as a travel guide and guidebook researcher for ‘Rick Steves’ Europe.’

Rick has also gone out of his way to explain how Feaster has brought upon positive changes to his writings overall.

But it is unclear if he was involved with her prior to his divorce or not. 

The travel writer with the net worth of $10 million is currently living in his hometown Edmonds, Washington.