Rick and Morty, one of the highly popular TV shows of the decade, is returning to your television sets with 70 new episodes.

Though fans were in a pickle about whether ‘Rick and Morty’ was going to be renewed, this news is going to have them gliding through space.

Adult Swim, a cable network handed out a 70-episode order of the cult cartoon on May 10, 2018.

Justin Roiland, the voice artist of Rick and Morty, also posted a photo to his Instagram on the same day.

Since the show’s current format is 10-episodes per season, that’s potentially seven more seasons of Rick and Morty.

To celebrate the deal, Adult Swim is rolling out a multi-city pop up with the Rickmobile to cater to the fervent fanbase.

The tour will start from Atlanta on May 17, before making its way to the San Diego Comic-Con in July 2019.

According to writer Ryan Ridley, he does not expect the show’s fourth season to air any sooner than late 2019.