Richelle Carey is a Television Journalist by profession and currently she working as an anchor for AI Jazeera America and HLN TV. She was born on October 14, 1977 in Huston, Texas, United Sates. She is of American nationality and also belongs to white ethnicity by her birth. Her biography along with  her birth date is already present on different biographical sites including Wikipedia. But as a summary, she stands 5’2” tall in height have amazing personality even at her older age, her hot appearance in TV screen cannot be just ignored, which is the main characteristic behind her name. An amazing Television Image, Carey is famous for her indifferent appearance in impressive outfit with matching legs and feet wear in front of TV screen, which is always noticeable for millions of viewers. Her name has been count as one of the award winning Television Journalist as she has already bagged Emmy Award during her work career and also had left CNN sister channel before reporting to HLN TV. This self made woman, Carey hasn’t married yet so formally she doesn’t have husband yet in her life. Due to being unmarried for long time media sources are still unable to collect any information about her boyfriends or any personal affairs.

Carey is the lady who made herself through her hardship till now. She has no any god father in this industry to boost her up towards success, whatever she is by profession all the credit goes to her hardship. Only child of her parents spent her most of the childhood period in Huston. She was always expecting to be part of medical as like her mother who was nurse by profession. But, beside her expectation towards medical science she couldn’t suppress her undying love for journalism. As for the result, after completing graduation from Baylor University in Telecommunication and political she landed in journalism. At the beginning she started her pace towards journalism from KMOV-TV being a reporter in 2003. Later on she got connected to KVVU channel affiliated to Fox where she worked as morning and afternoon news anchor. By 2006, she got a great opportunity to work for HLN network. Carey is famous as a lady with great capability of binding her viewers by her charismatic personality and great anchoring skill. As a result she has been the winner of Emmy Award for reporting consumer features at KMOV and Emerging Journalist- Huston Associations for Black Journalists. Last but not the least she is also Vice President of Board of Directors of Men Stopping Violence and Board of the Girls Scout of Greater Atlanta.

Her appearance and profession has always been satisfactory towards her viewers. For her viewers she has successfully stood up as an example as a self made woman in journalism. She is always found to be very serious for her work platform, nothing can deviate her from it. Regardless to say due to her work passion and dedication all those networks are paying handsome salary. She has made huge fortune over the year but still her net worth is a mystery to media spotlight.

By the age, she is already walking on thirties but still she hasn’t lost her charm. She still possesses the beauty of her younger age by maintaining her youthfulness, which is also key point to her success. Carey knows value of profession life as a reporter so she is quite alert about her looks and appearance. She wears cloth that hides her flaws and enlightens her personality as she looks great in skirts. She always appears with suitable formal dress and neatly done hair, never hesitates to show her beautiful legs in a classic manner. Despite of being successful to find her goal in journalism she hasn’t found her soul mate yet. It seems she is still in search of her prince charming, which means she hasn’t married yet. Anything about her relations with her boyfriend besides her marriage are not disclosed yet. Anything about her personal life is like milestone for media sources as she hardly speaks anything about her life in front of media. Anything additional about her personal and profession life is present on Wikipedia and other sites.