Better known as the Little Hercules, Richard Sandrak is Ukranian born American martial artist, body builder and actor. He was born in the year 1992 and celebrates his birthday every year on 15th April. He has gained fame all over the world because of his muscular physique at a very young age. He is also known for his appearance in the documentary called The World’s Strongest Boy.

He is was born in a small village in Ukraine and but spent his early life in Pennsylvania, United States of America as his parents moved there when he was just two years old. His father Pavel Sandrak is a martial artist and world champion and his mother Lena Sandrak is an aerobics competitor. Richard received his early training from his father who introduced him to several light weight trainings and stretches. His family relocated to California with the hopes of getting into show business and it was then they met trainer Frank Giardina who then trained Richard. About his educational background, Sandrak graduated from The Emerson Academy in Studio City in June 2010, with a high GPA and with college credits through classes via Cal State Dominguez Hills.

Starting off with martial arts techniques and light exercises, Richard soon progressed into doing intense body building training and at the age of six, he maxed out at 180 lb on standard bench-press. It was during that time that he earned the title of world’s strongest boy and also got the nick name Little Hercules. Most of Richard’s childhood was spent in dedicating time for vigorous training and as a result, he did not have the normal childhood eating pizzas and chocolates. He was kept on strict diet and had to repeat intense exercises as a punishment. By then, Richard had become quite famous and started traveling all over the nation to participate in numerous competitions, photo shoots for magazines and promotions for nutrition products. Besides that, he has also appeared on several television and radio shows. He debuted into the acting industry with the Hollywood movie Little Hercules in 2009. Later as he grew up, he realized that his father had criminal intentions and was thus sent to jail for physically assaulting his wife. By the age of 15, Sandrak continued to train 90 minutes per each session, five times a week, and ate food like most teens including pizza, soda and chocolates. Currently, Sandrak hopes to make other movies, and devote his time to raise awareness about childhood obesity.

Richard prefers to keep his personal life under cover. He has not yet revealed any of his past relationships. Also it is hard to know if he has been dating anyone or has a girlfriend. Currently he lives in Studio City and is taking courses at Valley College. Occasionally, he performs jobs for his former educator, Sonia Roman.

The documentary The World's Strongest Boy, which detailed his ability to do splits, to bench press three times his own body weight, and the fact that his body had less than 1% body fat. According to the medical experts, such muscular development requires testosterone not found in children younger than 10, and speculated that he was taking steroids but his mother denied the speculation. At the age of 22, Sandrak has the height of 1.73 m and has great abs. He has garnered a large number of fans and followers all over the world and has been inspiring people to work as hard as he has. He is quite popular on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and keeps updating his accounts on both sites. More information on him is available on his detailed biography on Wiki or view his documentary.