Ralph Garman is an American actor, comedian, and radio host by his major profession till the end. He has been best known in media as the host of The Joe Schmo Show, also for his voice work in Family Guy and along with the Entertainment reporter. Additionally he is also getting praised as Impressionist for the Kevin and Bean Morning show on Los Angeles radio Station called KROQ-FM. During his work, he was hired to work on the Kevin and Bean Show through Jimmy Kimmel. Beside that he has also received huge amount of recommendations to hire him through former roommate Adam Carolla. In his acting line, he has been known for many remarkable films as like Family Guy (1999), Ted (2012) and A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014). At present he hosts the Hollywood Babble-On podcast with Kevin Smith on SModcast.com,

Turning to his previous life, Ralph was born on November 17th, 1964 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He spent his childhood at same place. For his academic qualifications, he has graduated from La Salle University with a B.A. in Communication arts. as soon as he completed his bachelor’s degree, he stepped in to his profession in which he had been planning to be a known person.

Apart from his actor profession, he has a remarkable contribution in comic section. In 2014, there was an announcement that Kevin and Garman are working on a Batman’ 66 crossover featuring Batman and Green Hornet titled Batman 66 meets the Green Hornet.

Now talking about his personal life, 49 years old Garman has been married to Kari Watson. They had tied knot in early 2005. After the duration of 5 years, the couple welcomed their first premature twins, Lincoln and Olivia on March 26, 2010. Sadly Lincoln did not live longer as she had acquired an illness shortly after taking birth and died. But, Olivia remained in the neonatal intensive care unit for two months, before they carried her home. Before Garman got married to Karl, he had dated adult film actress Ginger Lynn. But at present, the couple has been living happily and there is no any issues related to their marriage life. They are living their life with full satisfaction. It seems they are quite completed with each other and since there is no any probability of getting separated in coming future. After losing their first child, they have been living happily with their second child. Garman's mother died on November 13, 2012 from a sudden heart attack and kidney failure. it was one of the biggest lose for him.

Now talking about his social links, he has been linked to  many social sites to be in touch with his fans and followers. He has been collecting huge mass of fans and getting tremendous amount of positive feedbacks from his fans over those sites. He knows their feedback and response plays great role in enhancing his acting potential. He loves his fans with great dedication.

Though Garman hasn’t won any particular professional wins till the date but it seems he has been very serious on his career build up process and in his mission his fans can help him with great effort. Till the date, by taking his acting skill and dedication in account, he has a fixed effort to get his name on remarkable peak of success. Hence anyone interested to his life can get in touch with him via those sites and get to known in more personal. Number of fans and followers are the great weapon for him to be famous among in Hollywood film industry. Till the date he has been known as great and much laborious actor of present time.