The multi talented journalist and television anchor Pier Morgan was born on 30 March, 1965 in Guildford, England was named Piers Stefan O’Meara at birth. He belongs to Irish ethnicity and British nationality. He is born to his parents Eamon Vincent O’Meara who was a dentist and Gabrielle Georgina Sybille. Tragically pier lost his father in his child age and his mother got married again. Actually his birth name was placed by his step father. He is youngest child of his family as he has other three elder siblings.

Talking about his early life, he had very hard time during his schooling period as his family went through economic crisis. Firstly he joined the private school, after that he was compelled to attend the local school as his parents were not able to pay for his fees. He had a struggle time for apparent change of his school. Later he graduated in broadcast journalism from Harlow College. He is the enduring follower of cricket. His interest led him to play for local side in Newick as a fast bowler during his adolescence period. He is also a true admirer of football club Arsenal F.C.

Pier started his professional life as reporter for newspaper in early 80s in his hometown Surrey. Later he was enlisted for amusement editor Kelvin Machenzie who is The Sun’s editor. His job was to inscribe, design and edit rumor features. He build up a sensible advance towards the field of reporting and since then his work was been justified and was recognized by renowned publishing magnate Rupert Murdoch. In a while he was employed for weekly scandalous news as a columns editor. Since then, he got the chance to face the success very closely early in his life.

He adhered with superior sensationalist “The Mirror” working as a chief editor. Prior to associating with “The Mirrors”, he resigned from the “News of the world” in the year 1995. Working as an editor he builds up a hostile and contentious image. He has conducted several frontages issues like Princess Diana’s harassment, criticism based on Iraq war and executive of George Bush. He was going through many controversial issues and the major issue was based on bringing out counterfeit photos of Iraqi detainees getting exploited through British armed forces and for this matter he was fired as of his work.

Later he was associated with the show America’s Got Talent representing himself as a discourteous judge. The offensive censure towards the participator made him hate by many. This made him known and recognized by many. He was eminent as television character. In spite of comprising nil hold up from communal, he appeared triumphant. Afterward he hosted the show Piers Morgan Tonight in beginning of the year 2011 which broadcasted on CNN.

Pier is forty eight years old and is married man. Actually he tied the knot twice in his life. He got married to his first wife Marison Shalloe in the year 1991. They were parents of three kids; Spencer William, Stanley Christopher and Albert Douglas. After spending the time together for many years, the couple regrettably split. In 2008, they got divorced and now recently, he is with his second wife Celia Walden. They got married with each other in the year 2010. They are living their heavenly life with their two years old sweet daughter Elise.

The valiant Pier has grossed huge figure of possessions throughout his career. he has collected everything he deserve and holds for estimating net worth of $20 million and $ 2 million paid off as his salary annually. As a fact it has been cleared that he is a millionaire and it’s all because of his determined courage and dedication towards his work paid off quite well. More of his private attainment can be gathered form wiki and his fans can pursue him @piersmorgan attend to his basic update.