Petra Stunt, formally known as Petra Ecclestone, is one British beneficiary, a model, a talented fashion designer and and a renowned socialite. Born on the month of December, 1988, she is the younger daughter born to father Bernie Ecclestone, a Formula One billionaire of England and mother Slavica who was from Croatia and an Armani super-model. She experienced a happy childhood with siblings: Tamara Jane, an older sister to her and and even older half-sister, Deborah who is like a third parent to her. Ecclestone is bilingual as she can speak fluent Croation, courtesy her mother being a Croatian, and understands both French and Italian. Born in the luxurious home of Westminster, London, she got to attend Trevor-Roberts School and then Francis Holland School, a strict girls' school also in London. She did not fancy any extra activites thus turned down the offer to visit and study at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, which she was reported to have won a place for. Ecclestone and her playful childhood came to a halt when she suddenly  was contracted to viral meningitis at the young age of just 14, and had claimed to the media that it has now  "changed her life forever." She has been reportedly seen saying: "I no longer take my health for granted” and that she has now become a health freak as well as a hypochondriac. She doesn’t want to face the same fate as before which has her obsessed with staying clean and eating healthily food and taking all the vitamins on time. Prior to her illness, she was appointed an ambassador for the Meningitis Trust currently active in the UK.

Growing up, Ecclestone fantasized to become a fashion designer. She was interested in making menswear because for her the niche market was the perfect stage and step to test her skills and also because she considered womens-wear was made far too saturated for a start-up career. It was not long before Petra was off in her dreams as she when 19, created her first menswear label which was nemed FORM. The goods were sold into the retailer market including the then famous label Harrods from the month of October, 2008. It was in April 2009,that saw the announcement of Ecclestone signing a contract with her former country’s Croatian clothing manufacturer Siscia. It was not long that Petra was to have reportedly grown tired of all the involving grind to oversee the range from every seen perspective of the market. FORM had to collapse in its administration being uncared for by Petra after just 14 months of the official start-up, and then it was liquidated.She then wanted to launch a line of accessories and did so, named Stark and opened it in the fall month of September in 2011. Undeterred by previous failures, Ecclestone now has set plans for her own footwear collection, and has hopes high on opening her own store in the fashion city of Los Angeles.

A sneak-peak into her personal life shows how her fashionable perspective has charmed this inspiring lady. Ecclestone and her boyfriend-cum-husband, a renowned British billionaire in british business and collector, James Stunt, for about four years before getting married in whats known as ‘Royal’ fashion on the 27th of August 2011. The couple have a lovely son together to who Petra brought into this world on the month of February, 2013 and they consider themselves teetotal for their son. Perez has the largest most expensive and residential of Los Angeles, The Manor, in her name. There have been certain rumors of her divorce but it has not yet been confirmed by Perez or her husband.

An ever-active inspirational lady, Perez Ecclestone, standing 5’ 8’’ in height, has a net worth of approx. $300 million and is all happy feet with her married domain. She is one of the most remarkable Beneficiaries of the UK to have followed her will and worked with determination on them. She can be seen engaged online via Facebook and twitter.