A gifted personality, who has great writing skills and ability, Peter Shaffer has been awarded the prestigious title of “Sir” for his historical works. He is among those few writers whose name won’t ever be erased from the history of world literature and screenwriting. Sir Peter Shaffer is an English playwright, screenwriter who has achieved a lot in his long and successful career. Sir Peter Shaffer was born on 15 May, 1926. 88 years aged writer, Sir Peter was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom. Sir Peter Shaffer was named Pater Levin Shaffer in his birth. A man whose death is certain to be meaningless, Sir Peter Shaffer won’t ever be forgotten, as he has given the world thousands of reason to remember him even after his physical inexistence. SO death will be meaningless, as he has immortalized himself through his works.  Currently he is 88 years old and has left those footprints behind him that no waves of time are strong enough to erase it.

Sir Peter Shaffer was born in a Jewish family as a son of parents Reka nee Fredman and Jack Shaffer who served as an estate agent. He is a twin brother of Anthony Shaffer who too is a playwright. Sir Peter Shaffer was educated in the prestigious Hall School, Hampstead and St. Paul’s School, London. Later he earned a scholarship in historical Trinity College, Cambridge. He studied history there. Before recognizing his astonishing talent, he served as a Bevin Boy coal miner, worked in a bookstore, and as an assistant at New York Public Library.  Expanding his horizon of success utilizing her abilities and talent he has drawn an irreplaceable place in the world of writings. The determination of years has made him stand in the social and economic position he is today. He stands as a role model to those people who seek the light of success through dedication and determination. He sets a perfect example than the success holds no other shortcuts than hard work. Dedicated from his very early days, now he stands as an economically well-established playwright holding the net worth of millions of American dollars.

His various works has won numerous awards and several of his work has been filmed.  He was crowned William Inge Award for Distinguished Achievement in the American Theatre in 1992 and In 1993, he was awarded an Honorary Degree (Doctor of Letters) by the University of Bath

There are various works of his but some of the selected works and books of his are:

·         The Salt Land (1954)

·         Balance of Terror (1957)

·         The Prodigal Father (1957)

·         Five Finger Exercise (1958)

·         The Private Ear and The Public Eye (1962)

·         The Establishment (1963)

·         The Merry Roosters Panto (1963)

·         The Royal Hunt of the Sun (1964), a theatre piece on Atahualpa, the last emperor of the Tahuantinsuyu.

·         Black Comedy (1965)

·         The White Liars (1967)

·         Shrivings (1970)

·         Equus (1973)

·         Amadeus (1979)

·         Black Mischief (1983)

·         Yonadab (1985)

·         Lettice and Lovage (1987)

·         Whom Do I Have the Honour of Addressing? (1990)

·         The Gift of the Gorgon (1992)


All the info of his and his work is available in wiki along with his bio. He is not available in any social networking sites like twitter so far. Info about her siblings isn’t available in the internet. He isn’t often seen giving interview which shows he likes to live private life. Challenging his own abilities and expanding his horizon of working, Peter Shaffer has pushed himself to the height of success he stands today through the dedication and hard work of years. He stands as one of the most successful playwrights in the world of literature. His astonishing writing which included the oceans of emotions makes him one of the greatest playwrights ever.  Supported by his great looks and heavenly talent, he is really a surprising icon with gifted abilities and skills. He has gained centuries worth success at the age of 88.  He is one of the most successful and talent writers the world of literature will ever get.