A well known Pete Rose real name is Peter Edward ‘Pete’ Rose. He celebrates his birthday on April 14 and he was born in 1941 in Cincinnati, Ohio. His zodiac sign according to birth date is Aries. He is a former Major League Baseball player and manager. When he was young, he was the member in Order of DeMolay. He chose sports as his parents encouraged him. During his high school at Western Hills High School, he used to play football and baseball. In 1964, he graduated from Unites States Army Basic Training. In his entire career, he played baseball professionally from 1963 to 1986 and served as manager from 1984 to 1989. He is also known as Charlie Hustle and he has earned life time suspension for gambling on sport.

Talking about his playing career, he first made his debut in 1963 and won National League Rookie of the year. Afterwards, he has been one of the great players in the baseball. His nickname Charlie Hustle was given by Whitey Ford after Pete ran so fast to first base during the game against New York Yankees. Thereafter, he joined US Army Reserves and signed to Fort Knox for 6 months where he used to be platoon guide. He had also been a cook, in Fort Thomas service and at a free time, he participates in local Reds games. The year 1964 was quite difficult for Pete as he lose a complete game in Colt Stadium with just hitting .269 average. To improve his batting, he got on with play in Venezuelan Winter League. In 1965, he hit .320 which was more than the average of 205 for which he ranked in top 10 in MVP. In 1966, he hit high in his career and so he got a chance to right field. Then in 1969, he tied career-best 16 homers by hitting his career high of .348.

In 1970, Pete entered in All-Star Game. His play in 1973 made him won the 3rd batting title and was named as the NL Most Valuable Player. In 1975, he listed as top professional athlete of the year by winning the Hickok Belt and Sportsman of the Year Award. Then in 1978, he became 13th player to collect 3000th career hit, in major league history. From 1979-1983, Philadelphia Phillies thought and believed Pete could bring them in the top after losing in the World Series. Then they signed him for 4 years by making him highest paid athlete. But unfortunately, it became the worst season for Pete as he couldn’t be able to make it as the Phillies lose the 1983 World Series. Phillies had forgiven him and again wanted Pete. But he refused and signed the contract with Montreal Expos where he made 21st first career hit and became the second player to hit more than 4000 hit. In 1985, he broke the record by hitting 4192nd of Ty Cobb with a single in 1st inning game against Chicago. He named as the Athlete of the year by ABC’s Wide World of Sports. In 1986, he retired from his sports.

This talented man became the manager in Reds from 1984 to 1989. During that time, the team placed in 2nd in NL West division. In the final season as manager, he argued with umpire Dave Pallone by physically pushing him. After that, he was suspended by National League president Bartlett Giamatti for 30 games. In 1987, he was also doubted for betting against the Reds but there were no any evidence on that. Giamatti had no choice except to ban Pete rose from baseball permanently. Pete accepted it by denying all other charges. From his all this professional entire career, at the age of 73, he has earned $4 million of net worth till now, as of 2014.

About his personal life, he first married with his wife Karolyn Englehard in 1964 and they had 2 children. But their relation didn’t go long and they divorced in 1980. He second married with Carol J. Woliung in 1984 and got 2 children. Her wife filed a divorce in March 2011. While the separation with his wife, he openly dating with his current girlfriend Kiana Kim. As he is attracted to female, it is impossible that he is a gay thought his haircut quite used to seems like a gay. For his detailed bio, we can view it on other wiki websites like Wikipedia. He can also be followed on twitter and facebook.