Peter William “Pete” Postlethwaite is mainly known from his acting name. He was a British film as well as a television actor. He was born on 7th February 1946 in Warrington, Lancashire of England. He was the youngest child of his parents. In his early lifetime he used to teach drama at Loreto College which was situated in Manchester at that time and was also trained as a teacher at St. Mary’s College at Strawberry Hill. After his some struggling works he attended Bristol Old Vic Theatre School to train as an actor. Though he mostly did Irish characters, he was not from the Irish background.

When he began to grow up in the acting career he was told to drop his actual surname and adopt another one by his agents. The agents told him because they could not put his surname in the theaters outside as they could not afford the electricity. He refused to drop out his surname. He began his career from Everyman Theater in Liverpool. He met his colleagues, Bill Nighy, Jonathan Pryce, Antony Sher and Julie Walters in Liverpool. There was a relationship between Pete and William at that time. He was actively engaged in Royal Shakespeare Company and other acting companies too. He was assigned as the lead role for the The Muscle Market. The show also featured Alison Steadman and was the part of the Play for Today. His other features include in some renowned programs like The Professionals. In 1988 he made his debut success from Distant Voices, Still Lives which was released in 1988. He got an Academy Award nomination for the role which he did in In the Name of the Father which was released in 1993. Some of the successful movies were Brassed off, Alien 3, Inception, The Shipping News, The constant Gardner and many more. His great appearance in Inception had only minor role which was released in 2010. The movie was a great hit in the box office. His last on screen appearance was in Nick Hamm’s movie Killing Bono which had been based on the memoir of Neil Cormick. The role was specified to Pete in order to contain his illness and the movie was released in 2011 april 1. The series Exile which is broadcasted in BBC had appointed Pete for his final act which was written by Danny Brocklehurst and Paul Abbott but later was replaced by Jim Broadbent due to Pete’s ill health condition.

Pete was also involved in political activities as once he came as a taxi driver in Labour Party’s political broadcast which was during the election of 1997. He also raised his voice for the prevention of climate change and was active participant in the protest. The campaign against Iraq War held in 2003 also made him a active participant in the mob. Pete also spoke against the Kingsnorth coal-fires power station’s amendment.

Some of Pete’s honorary awards include the Officer of the Order of the British Empire which was in 2004. He was titled to that award and he also received Academy Award nomination for the role which he did in In The Name of the Father. He got married to Jacqueline Morrish Postlethwaite who was a former BBC producer. He got married in 2003 and had started his relationship in 1987. He started smoking from the age of ten and in the year 1990 he suffered from testicular cancer. He got a surgery and removed one of his testicles. In 2009 during the month of march he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This was his second cancer attack and it cost him his life. He died at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital on 2011, 2nd January