Peta Gia Wilson is an American actress and also a beautiful model. Her acting skills has got many appreciation and she is mainly known for the role of Nikita for the television series of La Femme Nikita. She was born on the 18th November in the year 1970. Although she has got an American nationality she was born in Sydney, Australia. She spent many years in Papua New Guinea as her father was an Australian Army and was stationed there at that time. Their parents got divorced in the year 1982. Her mother Karlene White Wilson was a caterer while her father was Darcy Wilson, a former warrant associated with the Australian Army.

She started off her career as a model when she was in Australia. She also got to be a model in Europe. After she improved her modeling skills in those two continents, she moved to Los Angeles. She moved to Los Angeles in the year 1991 in order to study acting with Arthur Mendoza who was engaged at the Actors Circle Theater. She also studied with Tom Waits when she was at LA at the TomKat Repertory Group. After she got some ideas for acting, she was soon hired for small roles in two of the movies which were Loser and One of Our Own. Wilson had decided to continue with her studies in New York City taking her courses at an acting school but then diverged her mind. She gave an audition for the new television show which was from the production of the USA cable Television Channel which was situated in North America. She got chosen for the role which she accepted. She was selected from 200 more other actresses.

The show was titled La Femme Nikita which was taken from the movie Nikita. There had been total of 96 episodes and each episode was an hour long. The total episodes were produced by the combination of the Canadian and the American producing companies. The show had been telecasted for five years. The filming of the television series was mostly done in Toronto, Ontario and its places around. She had some other actors in the television series as well. The casts were Don Francks, Roy Dupuis, Alberta Watson along with Eugene Robert Glazer. She got several nominations for the role of Nikita. The nominated category was for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role. The award was conducted by the Gemini awards. In the year of 2001 she got to meet the Russian president, Vladimir Putin while she attended the International Film Festival which was held in Moscow. The president admitted that he was also one of her fans. In the year 2006, Peta had got a small role in the movie, Superman Returns for the character named Bobbie-faye. She launched her own lingerie label which was named Wylie Wilson in 2012. The brand has got a flagship store which is located in Los Angeles, California. Among her achievements, she has got the Best Actress Award which was handed by the Cinerockom International Film Festival for the act of CIA spook Marla Criswell in the year 2013.

Wilson had been much faithful in her relationship as she lived with her boyfriend Damian Harris. They had been a couple since a long time which was around the year 1997. They finally got separated in 2002. They got one son and named him Marlowe Harris-Wilson. Their son was born in the year 2002 during the month of July. Wilson is considered one of the hottest actresses as well and she is liked by many of the people and fans. She has got large number of fans as well as well-wishers.