People are washed away, but memories are never shaken, good deeds are never taken, they remain forever with us making us realize the pain of their absence.  Paul walker a man with astonishing talent was an American actor born on September 12, 1973 in Glendale, California, United States. He died on November 330, 2013 in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California, United States in a car accident. Paul Walker was named Paul William Walker IV in his birth. He was really a legend to be remembered who lied to grave with a bright career ahead of him. He was a man with ability, a man with faith, a man who could have been the cover face of Hollywood.

Paul Walker was active in his profession as an actor from the year 1986. He was educated in Village Christian School. Paul Walker was a Christian. He stared his career as an actor from various television shows like The Young and the Restless etc. He is well known for his astonishing work in Fast and Furious series. Paul Walker is a brother of Cody Walker, Caleb Walker, Ashlie Walker, and Amie Walker. Paul walker has a beautiful daughter named Meadow Rain Walker.

 Expanding his horizon of success utilizing his abilities and talent he had drawn an irreplaceable place in the world of Hollywood. The determination of years had made him stand in the social and economic position he is today. He stands as a role model to those people who seek the light of success through dedication and determination. He gave a perfect example that the success holds no other shortcuts than hard work. He has proven the world that good deeds remain forever in the world even the time washes your body far away in the world of unknown.

Paul Walker had been part of various world famous movies and television shows and some of them are mentioned below:

He played the role of Professor Bennett in Monster in the Closet of 1986, the role of Jason in Programmed to Kill of 1987, the role of Michael in Tammy and the T-Rex of 1994, the role of Phil Deedless in Meet the Deedless , the role of Skip Martin in Pleasantville of 1998, the role of Lance Harbor in Varsity Blues of 1999, the role of Dean Sampson in She’s All That of 1999, the role of Calec Mandrake in The Skulls of 2000, the role of Brian O’Conner in The Fast and the Furious, the role of Lewis Thomas in Joy Ride of 2001, the role of Mickey in Life Makes Sense If You’re Famous, the role of Ben Garvey in The Lazarus Project of 2008, the role of Brian O’Conner in Fast and Furious of 2009, the role of Brian O’Conner in Fast and Furious 6 of 2013, the role of Nolan Hayes in Hours of 2013 and many others.

He has been part of various movies and television shows which can be studied in detail in wiki along with his bio.

Challenging his own abilities and expanding his horizon of working, Paul Walker had pushed himself to the height of success he stands today through the dedication and hard work of years. Even he lacks physical appearance he will forever be remembered. He stood as one of the most successful actors in the world of Hollywood. His acting and versatility to serve various roles really made him a sensational actor. Supported by his good looks and sensational acting, he was really an astonishing actor with gifted abilities and skills.

Paul Walker had the net worth of around $25 million American dollars during the time of his unexpected death. All his property was left over to his daughter Meadow Rain Walker.