An influential actor, author, and one very witty stand-out Comedian, Paul Reiser is famous among his viewers for his role as one active lover-boy from the hit TV-sitcom  of the year 1990 Mad About You. Before this role got him the admirations and appreciations of the audience as well as his critics, Damon was an active writer and stage musician. He has the supportive role on the major hits like Diner and Crazy People to his name. From there Reiser was able to get the leading role and the worldwide fame to his name from and in the adaptations to series of “My Two Dads”, a family series based on comedy of ABC.

Born on the 30th of March, 1957 in the heart of New York City, New york, USA, Reiser’s father had the job of one whole seller of the health-based food alongside his mother who used to work as a homemaker. Having to share the family with just his parents, all inspirational to him, he could not have been more gifted and asked for anything more than their much needed care and support. He was at the East Side Hebrew Institute at his teen age years and the rest of his schooling and graduation did happen during his stay at Stuyvesant High School. A degree of bachelor’s was earned by him at the Binghamton University in the same town which later saw him evolve as an amateur film artist.

A did into his career, Reiser has had an early start to his acting career as compared to his relatives when being cast in the 1982 release, Diner which had many offers flowing his way after his eyes-watering performance in the movie. This was an early start, a just trailer as for the star, and was just a glimpse for the industry which had to see what was in store for it. He is non boastful of his success and gutsy enough to say that his’ was the most unexpectedly famed and successful drama in acting. During his time as a TV-celebrity, he did appear in the some relatively famous campaigning series for the Fox’s realistic series ‘My Two Dads’. But that was all but the end; the feature in the ‘Mad About You’ of the same hosts’ had he entitled ‘One Outstanding Star of the Future’ for which saw his collections of realistic emotions that caught the eye and grasped the heart of even the critics. It was not long that his acting career did take an unlikely turn as he started to come in several of the famous TV-series as well. ‘Wonderful World of Color’ saw him gather more prominence and also the much aspired international fame. With the lead role in the “The Aristocrats” a marvelously made film with the famous Golden Globe winning director, saw him as the ‘New Bank Account’ which became the top grossing film with the ‘Reality’ title of all time. A part in the film with that success is sure to have him appear him in the latter series. But his will to achieve more took him to his peak, the role of ‘Dave’ in the “The Story Of Us” movie when star-studded steps came right out of his door. He has now got the name of the “Star of Tomorrow”. And has had the thing that he aspired to hail, “An Emmy’’. Then it was all flying colors for Reiser as he got the distinctive role in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ from his previous caster and did achieve his worldwide recognition as a TV-personality that he always wished and aspired for.

A professional life was with no or seldom of the struggles and all flying colors for Reiser to experience but was his personal-domain the same? The sets of one of his shows was said to have been ‘A start of a love-life’ for the star as he was said to have been romantically linked with an amazing lady named, Paula Ravets. And the relationship was meant to last long as per the couple had been going through solving and excluding any “Threat” to their marriage of the early 1988’s. And now are said to have two lovely children together.

Paul Reiser has come a long way to achieve success. This down-to-earth guy has had the awards and nominations on many different occasions and stages of his career and even in the Golden Globe. He wants the world to either love what they do or do what they love as he takes his acting career as the first and the most wanted love of his life. He can be searched for his bio in wiki and other sites. Also he can be followed on twitter, facebook, and instragram where he is seen active.