The multi talented Paul McCartney, with an assortment of being a singer, musician, song-writer, as well as entrepreneur,  with 60 gold discs, sales of 100 million albums and 100 million singles, is one of the legends in the world music. The former member of Beatles has been described as “the most successful composer and recording artist of all time” by Guiness World Records. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist in 1999. He has made his identity as a solo as well as a band member.

McCartney was born on June 18, 1942 in Liverpool General Hospital. His mother Mary was a nurse and midwife and father James McCartney ,a cotton salesman as well as a pianist in his Liverpool based band Jim Mac’s Jazz Band. He had a happy childhood, grew up studying music & arts, playing with his younger brother Michael. Paul was good at studies. He was one f the four among 90 examinees to pass 11+ exam to get an admission at Liverpool Institute of Boys. He completed A-level in Music and Arts in 1960 from the institutes. When he was 14 his mother died due to breast cancer. He wrote his first song in her remembrance.

In 1957 McCartney met John Lennon at a local church festival, joined his band The Quarrymen and finally founded The Beatles with George Harrison and Pete Bast. The boys gigged around for sometime most noticeable being at Hamburg. Finally they signed with EMI also replacing Bast By Ringo Starr, each of them equally talented artists. McCartney and Lennon were co-writer of the songs with McCartney leading the vocal as well. Paul also played numerous instruments- guitar, bassguitar, piano, keyboard, are few among 40 instruments he played. Their first hit was “Love Me Do”.

The Beatles gave the world the feelings if love, peace, help, imagination & thought of freedom. They made great impact in the human history breaking the narrow barriers to establish peace. They created more than 240 songs, performed in different places, appeared in films and on TV shows. They gave the world everlasting songs like Hey Jude, Yesterday, Let It Be, Birthday, Yellow Submarine are few to mention. Yesterday is the most covered song in music history with more than 2200 versions recorded. However the band broke up in 1970 due to internal confict. Beatles was named the most iconic entertainer of the 20th century by Entertainment Magazine in 2005.

Following that, McCartney started his solo career with the album McCartney which became the US number one. Soon he formed a new band Wings with his wife Linda, and Denny Seiwell, later to be joined by Denny Laine. The Wings travelled place to place singing their hits Mull of Kintyre, Do They Know Its Christmas, and many more. For his contribution to music he was knighted as Sir Paul McCartney by Queen Elizabeth in 1997.

McCartney remained away from music for sometime after the demise of his beloved wife Linda due to breast cancer in April 1998. He returned back in 1999 with his solo album Run Devil Run to be followed by a tribute album A Garland for Linda in 2000. Since then he has continued his musical career. His latest US No 1 was Say Say Say and UK No 1 was Pipes of Peace both in 2012. He has had sold out concerts in many countries including USA, UAE, Canada, Italy, France, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Germany are few to mention. His most notable performance include the one in Russia with Russian JPresident Vladimir Putin as one of the audience, the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and the concert at Maracana  Stadium in Rio de Jenerio in front of the largest paying stadium audiences of 184000 people.

The English legend has had several love affairs. His first love interest was Dot Rhode. He also dated actress Jane Asher. He was married to Linda in 1969. They had four children mary, Stella, James and Heather, Linda’s daughter from her previous marriage adopted by Paul. After the death of Linda in 1999 Paul remarried to model Heather Mills in 2002 and had a child Beatrice Milly. They divorced in 2008. Now he is married to Nancy Shevell since October 9, 2011. He is enjoying his life with his family. He is a vegetarian. He has amassed a net worth of £680 million becoming the UK’s wealthiest musician.

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