Paul Gardner Allen was born on January 21, 1953. He ias an American business tycoon, philanthropist, an investor. He can be recognized as the co-founder fo the Microsoft Corporation which is associated with Bill Gates. His net worth is calculated as $15 billion and he is listed in the 53rd richest person in the world. Allen was born in Seattle, Washington and he attended Lakeside School. Lakeside was a public school located in Seattle where he met Bill Gates. They had a common interest in computers although he was three years older than Gates. He scored 1600 on SAT which guided him to Washington State University and later dropped out to work as a programmer in Boston for Honeywell. Paul got success in convincing Gates to drop out of Harvard University to establish Microsoft in which they completely succeeded.

His remarkable contribution in Microsoft was that he was the co-founder of Microsoft. They first founded it in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was the time in 1975 and at the beginning they started with BASIC programming language. Their contract with the IBM led them to be the wealthy person in the present. Paul was the victim of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He was diagnosed in 1982. His cancer treatment was successful after he had the treatment of radiation therapy. Although he departed from Microsoft after resigning in November 2000, he still owns 138 million shares. Keeping Microsoft apart he is the founder of Vulcan Inc and chairman himself. The company has got the management to his business efforts along with his philanthropic. He also owns billions of investment in other businesses like technologies companies, real estate holdings and also in the media. He is not only connected to the business life but also include s sports in his business life. He currently owns two sports teams, National Football League and Seattle Seahawks. The teams are a professional. The other professional are Portland Trail Blazers and National Basketball Association(NBA). Some of his hand in the part of education are Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Stratolaunch. The founder of these firms is also he himself. Some of the recognition he earned are, in 2007 and 2008, Paul was among the 100 Most Influential People in the World which was surveyed by the Times. He recieved various awards from several universities. On January 26, 2011 he was awarded Seattle Sports Commission Sports Citizen of the Year. The award was later modified to Paul Allen Award. This has made him one of the important factor in the business industry and the sports too. He has not only earned name in his business life but has also a great name in music, writing and filmmaking life. His career has been on the top.

His personal life also include his relationship with his numbers of girfriend. Monica Seles and Jerry Hall was known as his former girlfriend but the tile of Allen’s wife has been grabbed by Leigh Collier. They had been dating since 2011 and also was one of the celebrities getting secretly married. It is reported that Paul Allen takes his children to museum and art galley making him one of the dad giving time to his kids. Some people don’t regard him as a good enterpreneur and regard him having a religion related in making money only. He is accused of having a man luck and noyhing of his hard work and the contributions from his work. He is a powerful b usiness icon and has got many of his upcoming projects for the positive turn over. His bio is completely open to general people and can be searched up in wiki and other internet sites. His daily updates can be found by following him in his twitter account.