Parker Schnabel is a young gold miner who is featured in the Discovery Channel reality TV series, Gold Rush.

He took over his grandfather’s mining business, Big Nugget mine at the age of 16.

Welcome to MyHowBook. Today we are providing you with 5 unknown facts about Parker Schnabel.

1. He Used his College Fund to Start his Business

Parker learned a lot from his grandfather, John Schnabel and that is why he wanted to continue with mining in his career.

When it came to choose between college or gold mining, he chose the latter and used all his savings to start his own mining operation.

2. Unexpected Net Worth

Parker is set to turn 24 this July and over the years he has become extremely skilled in his trade.

According to a report by Maxim, he has mined over $13 million in gold, since taking over his first operation.

Through his gold mining business and the salary he receives from the reality series, he has garnered a net worth of approximately $8 million.

3. He Met His Girlfriend on a Trip to Australia

During off-season, Parker likes to spend his time travelling and visiting gold mines around the world.

It was during his recent trip to Australia, he met Ashley Youle and then invited her to spend time with him in the U.S.

They are officially a couple now and Ashley helps with the refueling and cleaning up of gold and trucks when she is needed.

4. He Keeps His Gold Inside a Big Safe

If you watch the show, you will know that most of the teams including Parker Schnabel, store all their gold in jars until the end of the season.

When he was asked about security involving his loot, he said that security doesn’t worry him because he has a big safe and a big shotgun.

5. His Mother Didn’t Want Him to Follow the Family Business

Because he watched his grandfather run mines since a young age, he wanted to do the same with his life.

However, in an interview with Monster&Critics, he said that his mother always pushed him to choose a career away from the family’s mining business.

Though Parker didn’t take her advice, she still supports him in all of his decisions.