We all are well acquainted with the fact that the problem of gender discrimination, racism comes about frequently, in sport news casting profession. But despite of all such predominant prejudices, Pam Oliver with her exceptional ability outshone as an American sports newscaster. Oliver is well known for her extensive coverage of major sports news events of the world. In spite of belonging to African descent, Oliver has been successful to make a place between elite journalists of western media. Being a black American, she faced challenges of gender discrimination and racism. It took a tremendous amount of effort for her to get into this stage of life. As it has been rightly said that hard work pays off, today Oliver has achieved a bona fide celebrity status among fellow journalist. In her distinguished career she has won many awards, including an Ebony Magazine award. At the moment she is at the age of fifty two.

Pam Oliver, by birth Pamela Donielle, was born on March 21, 1961, in Dallas, Texas, the first child of the African American couple John Oliver and Mary Oliver. Her father was a government employee who was by profession a master sergeant in the U.S air force whereas her mother was a lady of the house. Oliver and her sibling-sisters were reared by her mother.Being born to military employed father, Oliver during her childhood got an opportunity to travel within the different parts of the nation. Oliver’s family quite often shifted in different places like Washington, California, Florida and Michigan. Oliver was enrolled in Niceville High School where she excelled in numerous sports such as basketball, tennis and track and field. Since from her early childhood she has been overwhelmingly enthusiast in athletic contests. Oliver regards her father as the source of inspiration. Indeed, her early keen interest in sport was implanted in her mind when she used to sit down with her father to watch sports on television. On the completion of her high school graduation, she was accepted at the Florida A&M University. There she was awarded with a sports scholarship. Throughout her college days she continued her track endeavor. In 1984, she collected her bachelor degree in broadcast journalism.

Oliver had always longed for making career as a sports news reporter. Around 1986, she began her broadcasting career. For almost one year she contributed as a news reporter at WALB in Albany, Georgia. There she started to flourish as a news reporter and achieved a local fame. But however she was not satisfied and her fame did not stop there. The next year she departed from WALB to join WAAY-TV in Huntsville, Alabama. In 1988 Oliver was affiliated with WIVB-TV in Buffalo, New York where she remained for almost two years. While working in varied networks, the obvious benefits she received are new skills and invaluable experience. Although Oliver served as a news reporter in several news networks but she was always keenly interested to join the sport department. Perhaps the reason might be her direct participation in athletics contests during her teen periods which resulted in accumulation of lifelong skills and knowledge. Well, it can be said that her real network career started only when she joined WTVT in Tampa, Florida. It was only then she got widely noticed when she started to work for KHOU-TV in Houston. Many giant sports television eyed at her. By then in 1993 she was hired by ESPN where her professional career flourishes by leaps and bounds. In 1995, Fox sports called for her where she was assigned a duty as a sideline reporter at NFL games. Additionally in 2005 she also joined TNT for NBA playoff coverage.  With all her hard work and dedication, today Oliver has emerged as an outstanding sports news caster.

Outside of her professional career, Oliver is an ideal wife that every male desire for. She was married to Alvin Whitney. Her husband is a dedicated sports producer. Beside her marriage, there are no any factual evidence of her extra-marital affairs or having any boyfriend. Adding a little more trivial matter, Oliver has well proportioned body with gracefully toned legs. She has an impressing height of five feet and nine inches. Her salary is reported to be in the $ 1 million range with the total net worth of $ 4 million. Anyone who is curious to find out her biographical and professional data can check the Wiki and other sites relating to her.