Not every lady will become acquainted with a man on the street or in public transport, even if he looks quite attractive. Because she knows nothing about them – what if he is a maniac or a criminal? But why, then, do we consider it normal to communicate with people whom we not only do not know but have never even seen?

Of course, you can argue that there is a profile on the site, and all of the information that you need can be found there – name, age, occupation, hobby, place of residence, there is even a picture of a person there!

In fact, no one ever guarantees you that these profiles are real. No one will ever guarantee you that their photos and intentions are real; you just have to trust your intuition on that.

For example, they may turn out to be a marriage swindler who meets men/women for the sole purpose of taking possession of their money and property. Or a robber who, at a meeting, will simply force you to give them everything of value. Or, even worse, a murderer, a rapist… There may be another option: a person assigns you a date at an expensive restaurant, and when it comes time to pay the bill, they say that they’ve forgotten their wallet at home. Their excuse may vary, but their job is done at that point.

Collect information

A girl uses Facebook on her laptop.

To begin, try to find out how real is a person with whom you are engaged in online dating or are going to communicate in the future. It is good if they have indicated their real name and surname in their profile. If they can be found on a social network, if you have common acquaintances, then it is unlikely that the person is hiding some essential facts about themselves.

Try to collect as much information as possible about them. Sometimes important information can be found not only in social networks but also on other sites, for example, if a person has registered a company if they participated in some projects… Check everything that you can check, for example, whether your potential partner is present in the list of university graduates, which they allegedly graduated from, or the company’s employees, where they seem to be working at. If something does not seem to add up – this is a wake-up call.

If you know their phone number, it will not hurt to check it through various sites and databases. What if they are registered as another person? Or one some sort of a “blacklist”? There are also some sites that will give you some information about the previous people that they may have dated through online dating services. If they previously met with other people, and these meetings ended in failure, people can write reviews about them.

First Date Rules

A girl and a guy on a date in a street side cafe in the night.

When going on a first date, be sure to warn someone close to you about this, leave a person’s phone number and ask you to monitor them. Tell them to give you a call a few times, to check on you from time to time.

Do not wear expensive jewelry on a date and do not carry a lot of money. Who knows how things will turn out.

It is better to appoint a meeting in a neutral place. If this is a cafe, then it should be inexpensive. In case a person turns out to be a scam artist, and you have to pay for both of you. For the first time, you can insist on just a cup of coffee or tea.

You should be alarmed if a person is too persistently interested in your financial situation. To ask where and for whom you are working for is normal. But asking how much you earn, what kind of an apartment you have, in which bank you hold money… A normal person will not ask such questions on the first date.

Whatever good impression a new partner has made on you, do not rush to invite them home. Yes, you, of course, you may have heard that sex on the first date is quite popular now, but you have to remember that this is the first time you are hanging out with that person. Going home to them is not a good idea either. You have no idea what will be waiting for you there.

Try to get to know them better

A guy and a girl sit on a window side seat on a coffee date on a cafe.

If you like a person, and you do not mind to continue communication, you can meet a couple more times in public places. It is advised to visit places that your or their friends know of. If you know someone from their environment, it will be easier to gather information about them. There is one other thing you should remember, if they start referring to themselves by a name that is different from the name which was indicated on a dating site – you should be warned, there is something fishy going on.