YouTube has been an active platform for a wide variety of talents and beauty vlogs have been a successful video genre in the platform. With the coming of beauty vlog launched in 2008, Nikkie de Jager, a timid girl from the Netherlands, built a brand that echoes NikkieTutorials far and loud. While starting off vlogging, she was just another teenager figuring out life, who now stands as one of the most celebrated influencers in YouTube spectrum. She joined YouTube a decade ago, and now she has accumulated 10 million subscribers and 820 million views. 

The glamour and bright lights sometimes hide the cruel struggles of life and Nikkie too has had her share of relatable events that make us look up to her even more. So here are five unknown facts about the internet sensation, who widely goes by the moniker, NikkieTutorials.

#5. Independence is the Key

Nikkie believes in independent job descriptions, which allows her to explore all her creative corners without having a boss breathing down her neck. And with YouTube, it is all about self-employment, a creative feat of mining and managing a channel. At the same time, being one’s boss can work against their growth due to their lack of motivation and leadership. However, it is entirely on you as to how far you want your passion to actually materialize in the real world. Nikkie’s words of wisdom do boost up our dreams!

#4. A Victim of Bullying

No matter how big of a star you become, you will have your share of problems and insecurities too. But how you overcome your issues makes you the idol that people love to follow. Nikkie said in interviews that she has always been insecure of her weight, which made her confidence scooch many times. She has shared in her vlogs how she had a tough time in school as she had been a victim of the knucklehead bullies in her class. But things began to change slowly as her popularity on YouTube got more and more viral. Nikkie says that her speaking English in those videos earned her more respect than any other gestures would have. The same classmates who despised her would then start treating her differently. Giving herself the lift to work on her channel kept her going even during times of personal crisis.

#3. Shine Bright!

Nikkie does shine out both metaphorically and physically. Popular for her ultra-glam and heavily highlighted looks, we have witnessed Nikkie slaying shining looks in several occasions. While many of us might think that glitters are some special occasion products, she suggests to her followers that “It [can] transforms any look.” She totally follows her mantra “When in doubt, add glitter.”

#2. Prefers Not Talking About Her Personal Life

While Nikkie has always been upfront about makeup hacks and interacting with her fans, she is hush-hush when it comes to her personal life. She made a vlog with her then-boyfriend, Nick, in December 2015 in a video titled BOYFRIEND DOES MY MAKEUP. She then shared that they had been dating for three years. However, that was the last time she was candid about her dating life. 

But in January 2018, a rumor surfaced that Nick cheated on Nikkie. She later took to Twitter in May to share about her break-up with Nick. 

#1. Lost her Brother to Cancer

Nikkie, who shares a new video “every Wednesday and Sunday 4:00 pm EST/01: 00 pm PST!” went on a hiatus for a few weeks due to the declining health condition of her little brother. Early months of 2018 went really very tough for Nikkie. She lost her younger brother, Mikai to cancer. She took to Twitter to share the news that her brother, who was battling lymphatic cancer since 2016, took his last breath on May 24, 2018. 

It was a major breakdown for the whole family, but she accepts all the wrong turns in life only to come out victorious in the end. On June 10, she even shared a tutorial titled MAKEUP THERAPY! RED FOR MY LITTLE BROTHER as a tribute to her late brother, whose favorite color was red. Life may seem unbearable at times, but you have to keep going through it to get to the good part.