Nicki Lynn Aycox is an American actress. Although she has been known as an actress at present time but her journey had started from a pianist. From the age of nine, she has been playing piano. By the time she had reached her preteens she was introducing Beethoven to audiences all around Oklahoma. She was known as a child who played her heart out by her piano. The actress has said this unfortunate circumstance played a major role in her interest shifting towards the theater. Thus her performance now changed from sitting delicately behind the piano to projecting her own voice for an audience to enjoy. Like many she began acting in her high school years performing in the theater and drama competitions. She won state titles in different categories, and became very comfortable with being in front of an audience.

Nicky was born on May 26, 1975 in Hennessey, Oklahoma. As for her family members, she has a younger brother, Steve. She has Native American ancestry but she speaks fluent German according to an interview in Jack magazine. She has been known to say, living in Oklahoma, she was on stage long before she ever actually sat in an audience. After graduation she attended The University of Oklahoma where she broke from performing and began studying her basic courses required by schools to obtain a degree.

Talking about her career, Nicky had begun to perform from a young age of nine. She played the piano and sang in beauty pageants as a child. Some of her roles include Syl on the series Dark Angel, a psychic cheerleader in Jeepers Creepers 2, and Stella Vessey on the dramedy Ed. She also had a stint as the unreliable sister of Detective Rush on the series Cold Case and as Pvt. Brenda "Mrs. B" Mitchell in the FX series Over There. She was the first actress to appear on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Captain Jim Brass' treacherous, drug-addicted daughter, Ellie. She had a recurring role as Meg Masters in the first season of the WB (now CW) series Supernatural. She had a role on Criminal Minds as Amber Canardo, a villainous sociopath in the episode "The Perfect Storm". Since 2009 she is playing "Jaimie Allen" (an undercover LAPD police officer) in the TNT action/drama series Dark Blue.

Her career began relatively quickly compared to most. She was working small bit parts on several popular networks and shows within a year of making the move from Oklahoma to Los Angeles. In her earlier years Nicki can be viewed in scenes opposite actor Stephen Rae in an HBO film called "Double Tap", along with shows like "Third Rock from the Sun", NBC's "Providence", and David Kelley's "Ally McBeal. Aycox also played a major guest starring role in a famous episode of "The X-Files" called Rush in 1999, which subsequently lead to a role in the second major "X-Files" film "I Want to Believe", in 2008. In a time when there was an unspoken difference between "film" actors and "television" actors, Aycox clearly did not allow this rule to apply to her. She not only continued her work on high profile network shows, but can be seen doing Indie films simultaneously such as Killer Film's "Crime in Punishment in Suburbia". Her work during these early years included guest spots on "CSI", and "Dark Angel". She had a major stint with NBC's "ED", playing the wild and crazy sister of Julie Bowen. Soon she would be pulling double duty playing roles on different shows. She played the sister of Katherine Morris in a long stint on CBS's "Cold Case", while shooting the series "LAX" with Heather Locklear. By 2005, Aycox was made a series regular on shows such as FX's "Over There" created by Steven Bochco and Chris Gerolmo. She moved on from there to play a very memorable role as a psychotic serial killer in an episode of "Criminal Minds" titled "The Perfect Switch". Continuing on, she also played opposite Halle Berry in "Perfect Stranger", and was double-teaming projects yet again with the widely known role of "Meg Masters" portrayed in "Supernatural". In the years 2009-2013, Aycox had significant success. She was once again made a series regular as Jamie Allen in the Bruckheimer series titled "Dark Blue". She was cast as Lisa Matthews in the Indie film "Lifted", directed by Oscar nominated director Lexi Alexander. She was also awarded a best actress award by the Buffalo Niagara film festival for her portrayal as a torn World War II German woman fighting to save her sanity in the film "Christina".

Now talking about her personal profile, she is 39 years old lady with delightful expression on her face. Her Zodiac sign is Gemini. She possesses very attractive personality with a magnificent height of 5 ft 4 inch.