Do you follow the television series Mountain Monsters, where a group of six native West Virginian hunters research and find evidence of mythical creatures in the Appalachian mountains?

If you do, here are some facts and rumors concerning the show that you might not have heard about.

They Caught the Wrong Hogzilla

In the 12th episode of the show’s second season, the AIMS group set up a trap for the infamous ‘Hogzilla.’

They caught a run of the mill pig which was played up for size with some camera trickery, because the Hogzilla was shot dead by a local boy all the way back in 2005.

They had a feud with Finding Bigfoot

The feud started when Matt Moneymaker from the show ‘Finding Bigfoot’ tweeted about Mountain Monsters being scripted in 2015.

He also claimed that the cast of Mountain Monsters were all actors and Trapper John, the leader of the AIMS group came up with the best comeback.

The feud showed up again in Twitter on March 27, 2017 when a fanmade Finding Bigfoot Twitter account came back with a reply for their epic burn in 2015.

They have been on verge of cancellation for years

This might not come as a surprise for most of their fans as the show’s rating has plummeted since its second season.

Destination America tried to fix the problem by theming the show to tracking bigfoot but it didn’t work out as planned.

With the release of its fifth season, the show’s rating plummeted because their ‘Dark Forest’ storyline was mostly hated by fans.

Trapper was rumored to be dead

At the end of one of the show’s episode, Buck appears in a cell phone video saying, ‘It’s 4 in the morning, and Trapper’s headed to hospital. We don’t know if he’s gonna make it.’

Then the screen goes black; their fans started freaking out and Discovery later released a statement saying that Trapper was alive and in good health.

So much for a cliffhanger!

The AIMS team don’t run their website (It may be fake too!)

Screen Rant investigated the team’s website and found out through public records that a company in Arizona is behind the AIMS website.

While the team live in West Virginia and Discovery Communications has a division in Phoenix, who handles their website from Arizona?

Most of the team didn’t know each other

Many fans would not believe this because they have great team spirit and kinship, it is also one of the reasons fans love the show.

But everyone except, Trapper, Jeff and Willy didn’t know each other until the start of Mountain Monsters.

Wild Bill, Buck and Huckleberry were added to the show and had never met each other or AIMS before.

The show doesn’t travel to other states

The AIMS tried to hunt monsters in their home state and other surrounding states such Ohio and Kentucky during its first few seasons.

But at the end of each episode, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it text appears that says ‘footage filmed in West Virginia.’

The show is scripted

This won’t surprise fans, as everyone can put one and two together to realise that the team meet their creatures everytime they go out hunting.

From Huckleberry being hypnotized by the Mothman and to trapping a Chupacabra which was later freed by ‘Bigfoot’ himself, the show lost it charm among fans.

Members of the team might be actors

As we’ve told you, Wild Bill, Buck and Huckleberry were added to the show; they could have been added to form a well-rounded team.

However, Jacob Lowe (Buck) has an acting credit to his name, an independent documentary about Anthony Porter murder investigation.

Matt Moneymaker might have been right about the team being actors and the show being fake.

They shot an innocent bear

When the team faced the Bear Beast in a season two episode, they took a shot at it and tracked it to the river.

They followed a trail of blood, but the 1500 lbs creature was never found. Which leaves us to guess if they really did kill an innocent bear for no significant reason?

Rooster Teeth helped the show to increase its following

In 2015, Rooster Teeth, a famous internet production company created a podcast named ‘Off Topic: Mountain Monsters.’

One of the company’s presenters talks about the show and created a Machinima of the presenter’s description using models from GTA.

The viral video brought in viewers who wanted to see just how ridiculous the show was and there was a spike in the show’s ratings.

Their monster encounters are faked

From Buck seeing the face of a Sasquatch, to Huckleberry being hypnotised by mothman, everyone found the show to be ridiculously fake.

With some help from CGI masking, an elaborate puppet, and creative angles, they thought they could fool their viewers.

This is all, but if you have noticed any fake incident in the show; comment below.