Morley Safer was born on 8th November 1931. He is a Canadian American reporter and also an active correspondant for CBS News. He is mainly known for the time period that he served in the news magazine 60 minutes. He had casted during the 1970 and the series’s third season. He was born to an Austrian Jewish family in Toronto, Ontario and is the son of Anna and Max Safer, an upholsterer.He went to Harbord Collegiate Institute and Clinton Street Public school which was situated at 460 Manning Ave, Toronto Ontario. He wen to the  University of Western Ontario only for a short period.

He started his professional  career as a reporter for a range of newspapers in Canada. Some which can be listed are Woodstock Sentinel Review, London Free Press, and Toronto Telegram. He also worked in England for Reuters and Oxford Mail. Later he joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and worked in the corporation as a correspondent and producer.

Safer joined CBS News in 1964 as a London-based correspondent and in  1965, he opened the CBS News bureau in Saigon. He followed a group of United States Marinesto the village of Cam Ne the same year. It was explained as the search and destroy mission. The inhabitants were fleed from the village and the houses of the people were burnt down to ground. The order was given by the military troops. Safer reported on this event which was broadcasted on CBS News on August 5, 1965. He was also the first person to release the pictures which were related to Vietnam war. Safer and his colleagues were accused of having disgraced to the American people and the national by President Lyndon Baines Johnson. He accused them directly by calling upon the president of CBS. Morley was named the London Bureau Chief in the year 1967. He held the position for three years. Harry Reasoner used to host the ABC Evening News and 60 Minutes but in the year of 1970 he was replaced by Safer. Safer had been working since then and was accompanied by Reasoner himself during the year of 1978. Besides from the television presenter and host he has also published different books which have been categorized as best selling book. The book Flashbacks: On Returning To Vietnam was given the best selling award where he has said about his return to Vietnam in 1989. His book also contained the trip accounted with 60 Minutes show which was in 1989. It reflected the life of Barry Goldwater and also General William from Westmoreland. It was during his time in the Saigon bureau that he gave a controversial TV report that reflected US troops in Vietnam torching a village that was full of innocent peoples. It was one of the first TV reports that showed the disturbing and unbearable situation in Vietnam. There was also some controversies which was against his nationality. Although he was born and brought up in Canada he could keep the American nationality.

His net worth is calculated about $10 million from his career work. His journalism work has been started from Canada where he used to report for various newspapers. About his personal life it was also said that he had lost tremendous amount of weight due to high blood pressure control. His works has kept him in the height of many other famous tv personalities. On his coming birthday he reaches to the age of 83. Being married to Jane Fearer who lives in New York City.He was rumoured to have three children. The couple have a daughter Sarah Alice Anne Safer who graduated from Brown University. She is also a freelance journalist. As her preference she is still a Canadian citizen but got dual citizenship.