An American conservative radio and television commentator and author, ‘Monica Crowley’ was born on September 19, 1968 in Arizona, United States. Monica runs her own radio show and is a Fox News Contributor. She is columnist of Washington Times and member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Monica completed her Bachelor degree in Political Science from the Colgate University. In 2000, she completed Ph.D. in International Relations from Columbia University.

Crowley started her writing career as a research assistant with the former President Richard Nixon. In 1990, she was appointed as Nixon’s Foreign Policy Assistant as her opinions toward foreign policy was valuable. Crowley worked as an editorial adviser and consultant on his final two books ‘Seize the Moment’(1992) and ‘Beyond Peace’(1994). She published two subsequent books on former President Nixon in his last years. In 1996, she published Nixon Off the Record: His Candid Commentary on People and Nixon in Winter in 1998. Besides this, she has written for The New Yorker, the LA Times, the Baltimore Sun, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times. Crowley presented her own in the Wall Street Journal as she plagiarized an article by the British writer Paul Johnson in 1999. The article contained several statements from Johnson’s Commentary Magazine. In the mid-1990s, she worked as a commentator for National Public Radio’s Morning Edition. Crowley started her own radio show ‘The Monica Crowley Show’ since 2002. The show originally had been on-air on weekends on Westwood One then it moved to Talk Radio Network first on Saturdays. Later it came on-air on weekdays 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Crowley joined Fox News Channel as a foreign affairs and political analyst in 1996. Later, she was hired by MSNBC’s Connected: Coast to Coast along with co-host Ron Reagan in 2004. After the cancellation of the show, she started appearing on Imus in the Morning as a guest and also hosted the MSNBC broadcast The Best of Imus in the Morning. However, she returned to Fox News Channel as a contributor in mid-2007. She also worked as an occasional panelist on Fox News Channel’s Late-night satire show called ‘Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld’. Since 2009, she appeared as a guest host for Bill O’Relly on The O’Reilly Factor.

The 45 years old American author has an amazing personality. She is an attractive woman who suits perfects for her work. Despite of her growing age, she is looking younger and younger day by day. She has charming face and beautiful face. Besides this, she carries the sensual body measurements. There is not any information about her exact body measurements size. But, it looks like her seductive body looks close to perfect body measurements size of 36-24-36 inches. She stands with the average height of 5 feet 2 inches and doesn’t look over weight either. Her mesmerizing body looks even attractive and hot when she exposed her sexy and bold legs and feet in the bikini. In fact, Crowley is the hottest and attractive media personality.

Significance to her personal biography, her relationship status is married. She got married to a contributor in Fox News Channel Alan Calmed. However, before she got married to her husband Alan, she was dating her boyfriend Bill Siegel. Recently, she is living luxurious and happy life with her husband in New York. It looks like they are really happy with each other such that there is no news of divorce or any controversy revealed by the media.

The gorgeous radio and television commentator has a total net worth collection of $4 million dollars. She has earned her all net worth from working as a radio and television commentator and author. Crowley is an active user of her twitter. Once when she heard the news of Sandra Fluke is engaged she tweeted in response To a man? However, her joke didn’t sit with many and Fluke herself. More interesting information and facts about Crowley can be gathered from the wiki and other internet sites.