Mizz Twerksum is an American national who is well known for her modeling career. Mizz was born on the year of 1993 and celebrates her birthday on the month of January. She is the local resident of the United States as her hometown is Decatur IL. She is recently involved in modeling career along with appearing on some music videos too. She is currently residing at the state of Atlanta while she is socially active on several social networking sites. Having the age of 21 she has reached a good peak of her career. Mizz had the birth name of Margret Willis and later gave the name as Mizz Twerksum for the world and her viewers too.

Mizz gave her well known name as Mizz Twerksum. She gave the last name as Twerksum from the recently hip hop and dance rising trend. There is no any official meaning for the word ‘twerk’ but the internet gives the statement as moving body as in order of dancing. Margaret who is mainly known as Mizz and her sister who is known as Lady Luscious formed a dance group which is known as Twerk Team. The dance group was formed on the year of 2005 by the sisters, Mizz and Lady Luscious. The sisters at first used to give their dance start in the living room. They used to attend local parties and perform several dance routines. They were soon recognized and Mizz had also been on the spotlight. They used to choreograph and soon they were well known in the different high schools and also several organized parties. After they got such attention from the people and the viewers, they planned to give a pace to their career. Mizz and Lady Luscious.

The sisters then decided to give their works on the internet. They took the support from the YouTube and then started to post up their videos. Mizz Twerksum and Lady Luscious choreographed different dance moves which they used to perform themselves or in the parties. They used to show up their dance moves on the internet and also used to perform for some of the hip hop moves. The team who were also sisters were pacing up on the internet and their videos got to grow rapidly making them known to the whole world. Mizz and Lady Luscious got their group, Twerk Team to a great spot. The cover video for the music video of She Got aDonk by Soulja Boy was one of the great hits by their group. The video got over a million views over a week. Apart from that she has also been featured in some of the major musical videos like Drop It Low by Chris Brown and Easter Dean.

Talking about personal life of Mizz Twerksum, she has got an amazing body. She is admired by most of her viewers. Mizz has got the height of five feet and four inches. Mizz has been in relationship with Lil Chuckee. Her boyfriend is very much younger than her in age. In an interview, she stated about her relationship with her boyfriend. Later in the media it was also rumored that Mizz had been pregnant with her boyfriend but later it was also said that the rumor had been false. Mizz has been a great influence in the modeling career and also for the internet and the dancing sensation. Her bio can be found up in wiki and in other sites too. She has also been active in some networking sites along with twitter. She has been a great attraction to many of her fans as her tattoo is also considered as an attractive part of her beauty.