The enthusiast Mike Seidel is an American field journalist recently serving for The Weather Channel. Seidel is often linked with his live coverage from most important weather measures. Once he was in several news paper headlines across the cities for covering the severe weather including hurricanes and snowstorm hauling the theme "If Seidel's in town, the weather is going to be terrible” for himself.

Career and Growth

Seidel completed his graduation from Salisbury State College majoring in mathematics and geography. He received his master's degree in field of meteorology from The Pennsylvania State University. Seidel started his career associating with Salisbury's WMDT-TV back in 1980, and also seen in Weather World on the Pennsylvania Public Television Network.  Three years later he got the permanent job at WYFF-TV in Greenville, SC, where he served as full time anchor. Later He came back to WMDT-TV in three years after working with WMDT-TV as meteorologist at in anticipation of fusing with The Weather Channel. His major shift during days in field usually comprises of two coverage every hour for The Weather Channel and time and again live coverage for associates in chief urban and important shows for NBC such as MSNBC, 'NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams'', The Today Show', and CNBC. Seidel has also made his appearance on several renowned televisions shows including 'CBS Sunday Morning', CBS-TV's 'The Early Show, ABC-TV's 'Good Morning America' and 'The CBS Evening News', 'World News Tonight' and 'Nightline'. Seidel turned out to be the first American meteorologist to cover the live stories from Cuba throughout the Tropical Storm Isaac occurred back in 2012. Mike has established a stable career for himself. He’s ranked as one of the exceptional journalists which make him receive great amount of salary from his employers. However, at this time, he’s total net worth has not made public yet. He has made that prosperity through his own uphill struggle.

Personal life

Talking about his personal life, there is not much about him in any source to pass on the details about his married life. Mike has not been seen outspoken regarding his relationships. There has been very low profile about his wife or girlfriend. He would prefer to keep his personal status out of the media.

He’s got elegant personality. Mike is rather recognizable with the fact that he is appearing on-air, so he consciously manages to look after his conduction. He has been active throughout his coverage events and in supporting regional planning since his graduation. The very smart Mike has a realistic personality to him. He has come a long way in his career and present himself as a sensible uniqueness. He has earned himself a sovereign exclusivity. His works and approaches have been admired by many. He has experienced distinct success all through his career. The endearing Mike has that scented charm and vivacious emotions. His pledge and hard work is evenly perceptible while he presents himself on camera. With his dreadful performance in every live event he has managed to build his stature with greater rise in the meteorology world.

Awards, Achievements and Donations

Mike sure can be preferred to as a positive feature allowing for the immense amount of vital work he has done and the awards he has been honored with. He earned the American Meteorological Society's Television Seal of Approval back in 1988. He was also awarded with the Distinguished Alumnus Award from by the department of topography and area planning at Salisbury State College in credit of his exceptional hold in 1994.

Mike takes satisfaction in his job. In fact he has been able to make his own distinctiveness in the grand television industry. He is an authority who loves in what he does and is indisputable as regards of his legal responsibility. He’s intentional as one of the perilous correspondents and the member of meteorologists. Only some of details about him are provided by wiki, so his admirers can elucidate their disappointment with certain reasoning, however his followers can be updated with him through various networking sites including twitter and facebook.