Michelle Caruso- Cabrera is a familiar name in the media world. The beautiful lady is widely known as a general assignment reporter for CNBC television. Today she has managed to put herself among top-ranking news reporters. Michelle is such a media personality who has fascinated viewers for more than a decade. The popular business news reporter has been honored with a prestigious Emmy award for successfully bringing out the story of kids suffering from aids.

Caruso Cabrera was born in 1969. She attended the Wellesley College for receiving her higher education and in 1991 she completed her degree in economics. Simply after her completion of study, she embarked on her professional career. In 1991 she used to present report on educational issues for the New York Times.  She is presently operating with CNBC. Prior to joining CNBC, she had been affiliated with numerous news channel. While her days at Univision, there she used to contribute as a special project producer for the channel. Those were days of great significance and value in her life. She got abundant experience at Univision. She unveiled the sexual abuse report by the clergyman for which she was nominated for an Emmy award. Eventually she won an Emmy award for producing five-part series on youngster with aids. She additionally received a broadcaster of the year in 2004 for covering Hispanic. Caruso Cabrera was also associated with WTSP-TV which is located in St. Petersburgh, FI. There she was assigned a duty of general assignment reporter. She served for approximately four years at WTSP-TV. Caruso Cabrera is bilingual and belongs to Hispanic ethnicity. She is greatly interested and concerned in bringing out the specific issue related to Lations. Caruso Cabrera has managed to include herself in the list of top 100 most influential Hispanics. She was affiliated with CNBC television in 1998 and currently she is serving as a general assignment reporter for the channel. Apart from being a successful journalist she is also best known as an author. She has authored a book entitled ‘You know I am right more prosperity less government’. The book was published in 2010 by Threshold Edition.

During the period of European Financial crisis she presented the live coverage from some of the big cities of Europe like Rome, Frankfurt, Madrid and Athens. She alarmed viewers ahead of time concerning the emerging risk of worldwide economic depression. She has acutely observed the consequences of war in the economy of Iraq. After the war was over in Iraq, election was held in the Iraq. At that moment she was in Baghdad to cover the election. She has travelled in different parts of the world where the economy is rising very rapidly. She went to Brazil, Cuba, Republic of Venezuela to present the report and brought out groundbreaking stories regarding the economy of these countries.

Michelle stands five feet and eight inches tall. Michelle is dazzlingly beautiful who can seize the attention of viewers easily. In 1999 she got married to Paulo Lima. Perhaps they must be having affairs for a long time. In the beginning everything was fine with their marriage but later on things started to get worse. Eventually couple could not uphold their married life. Sadly they divorced after a brief time of their marriage. She is single all along after she split up with her husband. There has not been any kind of hoaxes or rumor about her having any affair after her divorce. Michelle did not bear any children from her ex- husband so it is quite obvious now that she is not accompanied by anyone in her life. Perhaps people presume that she enjoys lonesome life.

The hot news reporter is now in her mid- thirties still her beauty has not faded out. Michelle has a magnificent personality. She is really a strikingly admirable person. When she appears on TV she looks pretty hot. Michelle has stunning pair of legs and feet. Her annual salary is estimated to be $780,000. Her brief biography can also be obtained from Wiki and other details about her life are given on the official site of the CNBC news channel. Like many other media figures she is active in social networking sites. She interacts with her fan via Twitter and Facebook.