Michael  D. Symon was born on september 9, 1969. He is a professional chef who won the James Beard Foundation Award. His other identities of his profession are that he is an author and a television personality. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio but was raised in North Olmsted, Ohio. He attended the St. Richard School in North Olmsted and later went to St. Edward High School which is situated in Lakewood. He then graduated in 1987. He did his graduation from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. He graduated in the year 1990. At the beginning he did a part time job at Gepetto’s Ribs which was situated in Warren Rd. He worked there as a cook.

He is mainly featured on Food Network where he does different program which can be listed Iron Chef America, The Best Thing I ever Ate and Food Feuds. He does another program on ABC called The Chew as well as on Cooking Channel featuring on Cook Like An Iron Chef. His contributions in the cooking and restaurants has been a helping hand in the road of cooking and restaurants. Symon is currently the owner as well as the chef of many restaurants. Some of his restaurants in the Cleveland area are Lola, Lolita and The B Spot. He does his cooking mostly with varieties of meat and he is also the owner of Michael Symon’s Roast which is famously known as Roast which is in Detroit, Michigan.

His work as a chef and restaurater started when he worked for the Mediterranean restaurant in Lake wood. And later he moved to Caxton Café. During the year of 1997 February he established his own restaurant Lola with the association with his wife Liz Shanahan whom he was married to in the Cleveland’sTremont. The restaurant was named after Symon’s aunt. At the beginning it had just became the place where people used to go and satisfy their hunger but later Lola was listed as America’s one of the best restaurants in the Gourmet magazine. The issue of the magazine was released in October in the year of 2000. He inaugurated a third restaurant on April 15, 2006 and named it Parea. Parea stands for company or a group of people in Greek language. His media appearances started on Food Network during the time of 2009 and has also promoted the Nintendo Wii game Cooked or be Cooked. His another appearance was in 2005 when he appeared in Iron Chef America. There was a competition held which was against John Besh and was a instant competition. The final results came out making Symon the winner of the competition. On 2007, November 18 he won Iron Chef America. There was another popular show called Dinner:Impossible which was handed to Symon. After 10 episodes the program was given to Robert Irvine.

Most of the people find Michael’s tattoo gross as it has got different tattoos of domestic animals including pigs with a banner reading Get Pork. There was another misunderstanding where public thought that Michael Psilakis was the twins to Michael Symon. Psilakis is also one of the great chef in the nation. Having a height of 5 ft and 10 inches he is also one of the undefeated chef in Iron Chef. It is said that Michael just don’t cook but he cooks with his heart and soul. It is the way of the public to express the goodsome of the dish that Symon prepares. At this age Michael Symon has gained most of the experience as a chef and he is searched in the web by most of the people for his recipe and dishes. His updates can be found by following him in his twitter account.