Michael Bakari Jordan is an American actor mostly known for his role of an amateur boxer, Adonis Creed in the ‘Rocky’ sequel film, Creed.

But the actor has gained huge appraisal for his role of the supervillain, Erik Killmonger, in the MCU movie, Black Panther.

With that came a flood of fans, especially female ones, who couldn’t get enough of his shirtless scene in the movie.

In a viral Tumblr post, a dentist claimed that a female patient snapped the wire on her retainer while watching the movie.

The patient later revealed herself with a Tweet on her Twitter account. Michael even offered to pay for her retainer.

So, who is the chivalrous actor currently dating?

The Jasmine Brand, a YouTube channel revealed that Michael is currently dating Ashlyn Castro.

The ladies on Twitter have gone crazy after Ashlyn was seen spending time with Michael’s Family at the Kwanzaa Party.

As of 2018, Michael B. Jordan has garnered a net worth of approximately $8 million.