Megan Massacre has made a name for self in the entertainment industry. Inking some of the popular names of the entertainment industry, she truly is one of a kind artist. Blending dark imagery with bold, vibrant color to create a unique and whimsical style, her work is indeed a masterpiece.

Birth of Megan Massacre

Megan was fascinated towards tattoos from a young age, but couldn’t start working till she reached 18. After graduating high school, she attended community college and worked at a furniture store to pay for it. While working there, her co-worker asked her to tag along for piercing. After they got there, the owner told her to draw a few tattoo designs after her friend brought up the talk of her artwork. Later, the owner asked her whether she wanted a tattoo. Then and there, at 18, she inked her body for the first time. During her recent interview with Refinery 29, she revealed,

She [co-worker] told the owner that I was good at drawing, and he made me doodle a fish on the spot. After the fish, they asked me to draw a name in a wacky font, followed by a devilish butterfly. Soon after that, the owner put a tattoo gun in my hand, and I was doing my first piece on the shop’s apprentice.

After working for six months at the furniture store, she ditched her job and started tattooing full time. She worked from shop to shop to widen her knowledge and skills. During the process, she and her friends adopted some punk nicknames, and hers was Megan Massacre. Fast-forward a few short years, she saw her name on a local magazine cover, and that’s how Megan Massacre was born.

Modeling Career and Reality Shows

Megan Massacre sitting on a chair with tacos on a table

While she was gaining wide recognition in the tattoo industry, she was spreading her wings in modeling as well. She first got her hands in modeling in 2007. Talking about modeling, she said,

[Fashion] is art, to me. It’s like I’m a painting and I am painting on myself with clothing and hair and makeup…and style.

She began collaborating with clothing and accessory brand Sprayground and even launched a design, Envy. She was offered to be on a reality show, NY Ink in 2010. Since 2012, she also appeared in TLC show, America’s Worst Tattoo. NY Ink ended after three seasons in May 2014 but increased Megan’s reach to the masses. Later, she opened her tattoo shop in The Big Apple, Grit N Glory in 2014. With that, she gradually became “the darling of the tattoo industry.

Zayn Malik’s Popular Tattoo

She got mainstream fame after tattooing the former One Direction band member, Zayn Malik. The first tattoo the 33-year-old did was Zayn’s dad’s name, Yaser, behind his ear. Talking about Zayn’s tattoo, she said,

Since then, we’ve done a full coverup of the wings on his chest, a few geometrical shapes, some text on his arm… He has so many; it’s hard to keep track. I am not the only one responsible for all his art, either. In fact, a Grit N’ Glory artist, Janice Danger, also did the massive mandala on his head.

Megan Massacre flaunting her tattoos in a black dress

Zayn has inked a number of tattoos on his body, but the one that got everyone talking was Gigi Hadid’s eyes.  As an artist, that particular tattoo was by far the most sentimental Megan has done on Zayn’s body. 

The most sentimental one we’ve done — by far — is Gigi Hadid’s eyes on his chest. Not only was it sweet, but it’s the only realism thing we’ve done so far, and I love realism tattoos. It was a really cool piece because Gigi was there, and I got to compare the ink to her eyes. It was really gratifying to see an exact replica of her features come to life on someone’s body.

We might feel like there’s not much skin left for Zayn to ink another piece of art, but as per Megan, he actually does, and she is “excited to see what he wants to work on next.” 

Megan Massacre was in a relationship with Joe Letz, Combichrist drummer, in 2011. However, the years of relationship came to a tragic end after she found out that her boyfriend was actually cheating on her with her best friend. 

As of now, she currently appears in an Australian factual television series, Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew.