Martin Rabbett is a writer and actor by profession. He has been known for his remarkable films such as Island Son, Allan Quatermain and The Lost City of Gold. Till the date although his age has been unknown but he is medium build person with height 5 feet and 11 inches.  He is always seen along with the famous actor Richard Chamberlain in almost all photos available in the internet. Up to now his bio and other detailed information of his life hasn’t summarized in wiki or other biographic sites.

Hollywood film industry celebrity Martin has not disclosed his personal and initial information to the public till now which has leaded the media to make certain statements on their own as there is no full information about his life. He has been working as a film production partner actor George Richard Chamberlain since 1976. Some sources has also concluded that they have been seen together over 25 years. The main reason of them being together is the actor George being gay by character profile which also concludes that Martin is himself gay in his actual life.

Any information of Martin Rabbett since his birthday to successful career is still unknown to the public. But, some sources has says that he has graduated from Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii. Making his education background as a base of information then we can assume his childhood has been spent in Honolulu, Hawaii or near by the respective place.

Rabbett and Chamberlain have been seen together many films till now which includes Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold. In the film both person were seen as in the role of brother. His relation with Chamberlain had believed to be so intense that even a temporary distance between them had leaded media to conclude them being separated for ever. It was in the spring of 2010 when Chamberlain moved from Maui to Los Angeles because of some work, leaving Rabbett in Hawaii. Due to this incident the couple had to go through several interviews but they succeeded to defend their relation in very impressive way. That moment Chamberlain had mentioned the information about their relation as they didn’t need to stay together as they have two different places to work. Even though, they preferred to spend Christmas and other special day being together.

The couple were believed to live together in Los Angeles afterwards but unfortunately Martin didn’t like the place and instead of it he decided to live in San Fransisco. After his decision they were once again a centre part of media attention. Once again they were questioned about their status in front of public. Actually it was the time when the couple revealed their status being independent singles. They had mentioned that, the couple was together since very young age and now they had two different places to work. As a result, they were working in two different cities but were very close to each other.

To summarize Martin’s life in few words then, he is a mysterious guy but very close to successful actor Chamberlain since very long time. By now Chamberlain is already 80 years old so it is a simple matter to conclude Martin being of same age. Till now any information about him before he met Chamberlain is totally hidden from media. But, his life after he met his partner Chamberlain is always at the centre of any news. It is just because the couple is really together for very long time and still they see each other with same view as they used to see in their younger age.

Either he is available on any social networking sites or not is not known yet. So, it’s very difficult to know about him in personal.