Martha MacCallum is an illustrious American news correspondent who works for the Fox news channel. She was connected with the Fox news channel in January 2004 where she co-host “America’s News room” with Bill Hammer from 9 AM to 11 AM. She has interviewed many outstanding people on her show. Earlier she used to co-anchored a weekday news program, “The live desk” along with Trace Gallagher from 1 PM to 3 PM. Martha is a very important media personality of modern time who has truly done a great job in the media sector.

She was born to American Parents on January 31, 1964 in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Her parent were Douglas C. MacCallum and Elizabeth B. MacCallum. She was admitted to the Rampo High School for her early education. She was an active and brilliant in her study. For receiving higher education later she was affiliated to St. Lawrence University. She came out of University completing  her graduation in Political Science.  Subsequently, she also attended at ” The Circle in The Square Theater” school after which she set up Miranda Theater Company In New York. MacCallum worked as an associate at Dow Jones and company before she began working as a Journalist.

MacCallum commenced her reporting career working in corporate finance. She  was also related to Wall Street Journal Television. She started working for the Wall street Journal in  1991 A.D , which lasted  until 1996 A.D. For  five years she contributed as a business news correspondent for the Wall Street Journal. After that in 1996 she served as news anchor and reporter for WBIS-TV, a news channel in New York which primarily covers sports and business  events. Prior to affiliating with Fox News she used to anchor and report on CNBC’S morning call with Ted David. Additionally, she conducted evening show called check point that analyzed and watched over economical activities of America in relation to war. Apart from those shows, she also co-hosted many others show like CNBC World, Today, The News with Brian Williams. Previous CNBC shows like For Business center, Inside the Business were also produced by her.

After being affiliated to Fox News channel, she was in vital roles in covering major world events like coverage of the passing of Pope John Paul. She presented the story of the presidential election of 2002, 2008, 2012. She also covered Royal wedding events, hurricane Katrina. MacCallum has conducted interviews of authoritative people like General David Patreaus,  New Jersey governor  Chris Christie. She even interviewed Senator John McCain and president Obama expert strategist David Axelrod. In 2004 she presented a news report on a Democratic National conference organized in Boston and Republican National conference held in New York. Truly Martha has exceptional ability to show vivid account of incidents happening all across the globe. She was honored by American Women in Radio and Television awards in 1997 and 2003 for her important contribution to the media sector.

Martha MacCallum got married to Daniel John Gregory on August 22, 1992. She is fortunate to have two sons and one daughter. 49 years old widely known journalist has net worth of 8 million dollar. Her annual income is seven hundred thousand dollars. She is often found on Fox news late-night humors and satire show Red eye W/Greg Gutfeld and Bill O Relly’S the O’ Reilly factor. She has a large number of followers on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook. One can easily find her details in Wikki and several other sites. Her program viewers value more highly that how she appears in her show. She has a seductive figure and it is quite certain that many people want to have her. Her dresses, make up are intensive matters of discussion. Predominantly, there is a tendency among people to be curious and seek information about successful people. Large number of people search for her pictures, biography and her personal affairs. One can easily conceive that how much popular she must have been, when people are desperately looking for her details. She is a successful Journalist who has made remarkable achievement. MacCallum resides in New Jersey with her children and husband.