Mark Orchard is an Australian footballer who was associated with Collingwood and also the Sydney Swans in the Australian Football League. Having the nationality of Australia, the former Australian rules footballer’s birthday falls on the 2nd of April in the year of 1976. He had completed total of 86 games out of which he scored 15 goals. He was from the East Ballarat and while he was growing up there he got to play for the under 18 team after Collingwood made a selection and chose him. He was in the Collingwood for the 1994 AFL Draft. At a young age, Orchard got to play for the renowned team.

When Mark got to play for the Collingwood he made total of six appearance in the game which was in the first two seasons. After her got to feature for the two seasons he was dropped by the Collingwood and had been given up for the Sydney’s player Anthony Rocca. Later Mark Orchard along with Ben Wilson and other two players got the selection for the Sydney. Sydney had some great players and as he had came from the success of 1996 campaign he got the place for midfielder. He got the position by himself and also got to be in the game play of the first 19 rounds. The game was in the year of 1997 and was from the 1997 AFL season. The game play had qualified their team to play against the strong team, Western Bulldogs. After the play in the 1997 AFL Season he got to participate in the finals too. Orchard played in the end of the season which was in the year 1998. He was successful in adding another more 21 games.

Mark Orchard completed two years with the Sydney and got the Collingwood to trade him back as Orchard was also the part of the trade. The trade had been done for the AFL Draft held in the year 1998. The trade might also resulted in the loss of Paul Licuria and Nic Fosdike. Licuria and Fosdike are both the players of Sydney and had been a valuable assets to the team. The loss had been during the draft pick which was also for the exchange of the third pick. He completed an average of 15 disposals a game which was in the year of 1999. Along with that he also missed most of the games during the time of the mid season. He missed the game due to the torn harmstring. Later in the coming year he got to complete 18 appearance in the game. Although Orchard had given his appearance in the game, he got cut off from the play list of Collingwood.

It is reported that Mark Orchard has been guiding as a coach role at the Learmonth Football Club which is in the Central Highlands Football League. Apart from that he had also been highlighted by the press while he was interviewed by the BBC and the FOX News about his career. Talking about his personal life, he has been married to his wife Savannah Guthrie from the year 2005. It was also rumored that the married couple are having a divorce but later it was proved to be false. Having the height of 1.75 meters and the weight of 75 kg he is also one of the enthusiastic player in the football history of Australia and in the AFL. He had been active in the AFL from the year of 1995 to 2000 and during his play in the Collingwood, he completed 45 games and 41 games at the Sydney which was from the year 1995 to 2000 and 1997 to 1998 respectively. He can be followed in different social sites like facebook and twitter.