The very beautiful and graceful, Maria Stephanos is an accomplished journalist of American nationality who serves as the news anchor for the Fox25 news for its three every night newscasts. In addition to that she is veteran broadcast correspondent of Boston. This Groveland, Massachusetts raised journalist who was active student during her school days loves to bring news from her neighborhood as well as she has said that it’s an honor to report on the stories that comes from all over the world, New England as well as across the country. Speaking about her a child, she was fond of communicating with the people as well as was self motivated to deliver the speech by telling the tale of the any events. This accomplished correspondent was motivated to purse her career as a television journalist after seeing the death coverage Elvis Presely. The alumna of Umass Amherst high schoo has completed her communication major from Emerson College.

Taking about her journalism career, her first job was on radio which became one of her unforgettable moments leaving her the feeling as she was on her way to accomplish one among many goals. After that she served for many radio stations such as WCBS, NPR, WABC and WNBC as their reporter prior moving on to television. Well aware about how to make the best utilization of opportunity she joined FOX25 in year 1997. Taking about now she is among the most qualified correspondent of Boston. Stating her television career as a reporter she is now one of the influential news anchors which is the result of her passion as well as dedication towards her work. Admired as a versatile journalist she in her career course has covered variety of news like state, local and national election. She has also reported on the republican and democratic conventions as well as other breaking news. In addition to that she has interviewed some of the ex US president. To add more about her career she has brought live reports from the Boston Marathon bombings. Though her salary is not publicized by her employer we can assume she has been entertained with the handsome salary.

Her personal life is kept that low that we are unaware about her boyfriend and previous affairs. But we are sure that she is a married woman whose days begin with her kids. Taking about her husband we know that he is a political writer who works from home however his name including their married date isn’t disclosed as well as we are unaware if she has ever been through divorce.

She stands at the height of 5 ft some inches where as the additional inch of her height is nowhere to be found on internet. Her picture says she has the tall built with the perfect measurement. Enriched with the natural beautiful face she has pair of slender legs with nice feet that adds glamour on her show. Taking about her awards she received Associated Press award in 2000. Her personal information as well as career history is kept that low that isn’t even in famous social sites like wiki.