The little sweet and witty Maria Molina is an American television meteorologist. At present she is at Fox News Channel. She joined the network back in the year 2010. She started as a meteorologist giving weather updates and covering weather related stories. Now she hosts the Fox & Friends morning show, discussing weather and forecast on regular basis too.

Molina actually belongs to Nicaragua ethnicity. She grew up in South Florida. It was her experience of Hurricane Andrew at a young age of five which really made her curious about the weather phenomenon. This inspired her to become the weather expert. For the purpose she went to Florida State University and earned the bachelor’s degree in meteorology in 2008. She is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist by American Meteorologist Society. She is still studying, doing her post graduate course at Columbia University.

The weather girl had started as a weather forecaster for $FSU, a student run weather program aired by local channel. To improve her skill, knowledge and gain some experience she worked as an intern at different sister stations including WTV-TV, WSCV-TV and AVY-TV. After that she was a local and national weather news anchor for AccuWeather. There she presented in both Spanish and English language. It shows her bilingual ability. And all her hard work and dedication landed her to Fox, a well recognized channel. She is way forward in her career as per her age. She is just twenty five years of age and ahs already made her mark in the television industry. In fact she is the youngest TV spokesperson for FCN.

The intelligent girl is petite in her measurement. She has got the height of five feet, but she is slim and that perfectly matches up her height to make her look attractive. She looks gorgeous and preety. She has the that photogenic appearance, a bonus point for someone who’s on television. However she doesn’t take her beauty for granted. She works out really hard. She maintains a healthy diet and exercises regularly. Surely she doesn’t want to gain weight, which would make her look fat as per her small built up. She knows the significance of appearing smart and charming on screen, being the centre of attention of her viewers. She grooms herself wisely and puts on such dress which are stylish as well as profession appropriate at the same time. She shows off her beautiful legs and stunning feet in a classy manner.

Talking about her personal bio, she is still young and single. She is dedicated towards her work and study and has no plans of her marriage in near future. She doesn’t speak of her private life in public. She is beautiful and successful, so many male fans and friends would have dreamt of having her. It may be so, that she is dating her boyfriend but it’s just a speculation. She loves baseball. She is living in New York City.

The young girl has already become popular and a great career awaits her in long run. She has set an example for the upcoming youngsters to select the field of interest and catch hold of it, putting in every for the purpose. She is in fact a source of inspiration. That the reason apart, from her exotic beauty and brain; the attitude, viewer love to watch her on-screen. She is active in social networking sites. Fans can follow her on twitter and like her page on facebook. Wikipedia page of her contains brief information about her life. Her attractive pictures are circulated in the internet. Her bio can be obtained from wiki, FCN’s official website and other sources.