Maddi Jane is a talented young singer born in September 4, 1998. Maddi Jane had started her music career from very young age. She celebrates her birthday on every September of the year. She is most talented singer of current time. Although she is still at her young age but her popularity has raised to great summit. As she is still very young, anything including about her personal life along with her boyfriend and other stuffs can just be prediction without any perfect clue. Her detailed information about her bio is already included in Wikipedia. She is a lady with great height, weight and measurements.

Maddi Jane was born on September, 1998 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She is an Amercian singer with most popular songs on the Youtube ever known. Her official You Tube channel has over 330 million hits on their videos. She has already been part of several times in the Billboard Social 50 chart with her song Rolling in the Deep. Besides of that she has over 1,150,000 subscribers on her YouTube account. 
Maddi Jane became famous after she uploaded her covers of songs by artists like Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift. By that time she was already famous as maddijanesmusic as on You Tube channel which had attracted over 165 millions total upload views. It had over 4800000 subscribers. 
At the present she is only in her teen age but still her voice and music writing skill has gathered millions of fans. Currently she is active in variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, and MySpace. The talented young singer has over 500000 fans and followers in her Facebook account. At the time of this writing, Maddi Jane is in number 41, topping some of the most famous names in the music industry such as Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Buble, and Avenged Sevenfold.
Maddi Jane is a teen age girl with charming face and attitude. Although she is famous at her early age but still she is known for her humble behavior for her fans. She has fascinating body and attitude. To say anything reagarding to her glamourous look can be just a matter of judgemental as she has lot more to go. But to say in brief she has great combination of attitude and personality. Her voice has already attracted millions of fans but her personality can also taken in to account for her popularity. 
Maddi Jane is at her initial level but still her success has crossed many popular celebrities. She has been doing her best to get to new summit of success and to please her fans with her voice and ability. Although she has lot more to dedicate in to music line, it seems her name will shine like never before in Hollywood Music Field. If her popularity continues to increase as such rapid level then then the day is not so far when she will be the youngest singer of all time with huge success. 
Although she started her career from youtube channel but since the day she got in to music line her success never stopped. Every single day of her life brought great achievement to her career. Since the day she started to grab success and love from her fans and followers, she started to give her best and tried her hard to never her fans feel low about her. 
As she is available in various social sites then her fans and followers can easily get to know her in personal. She is very close to her fans through such sites for an ease to her fans. She loves to be in contact with her fans to know what her fans are thinking about her. Other further details can be collected from different biographical sites.