Lisa Marie Smith aka Lisa Marie is an American actress and model. She appeared in the performance of Kathy in Vanilla Ice‘s movie, Cool as Ice (1991). And, being one of the finest actresses, her fans are now curious to learn more about her.

So, considering that ahead we present you all the details about the gorgeous looking actress including her married life, net worth, parents, and many more.

Learn Her Early Life

Lisa Marie was born in 1968 on 5th December in Piscataway, New Jersey. Furthermore, she was raised by her dad and grandparents. And, at the age of 4 years old, her grandmother died.

Lisa Marie from Baseballs of Death
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The actress Lisa read ballet for eight years at the New Jersey Ballet and learned classical piano. When she was 15years she went to New York City to study theater, dance, and music.

Her Successful Career

Marie started her modeling career with Robert Mapplethorpe and was with photographer Bruce Weber‘s promoting campaign for designer Calvin Klein‘s Obsession perfume. Likewise, she has appeared in magazines as well as Esquire, Maxim, and Playboy. Dominion actress had her own images promoted and advertised in magazines like lifestyle ran side-by-side photos taken by her and partner Tim Burton.

The Snippet of American actress, Lisa Marie
The Snippet of American actress, Lisa Marie
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Lisa played many films role including Ed Wood (1994), Mars Attacks! (1996), Breast Men (1997), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Planet of the Apes (2001), and therefore the Lords of Salem (2012). In fact, she was granted the role of Kathy in Vanilla Ice’s film debut, Cool as Ice (1991). In 2015, she starred in the horror movie We Are Still Here with Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, Larry Fessenden, and Susan Gibney.

Who Is Lisa Marie Husband?

In 1992 on New Year’s Day Eve, Lisa Marie met director Tim Burton at Starbucks in New York while modeling for Klein, and Burton had problems in his four-year marriage. As per a Boston Herald article, they maintained to possess their relationship together seeing two UFO sightings in California. She was engaged to him from Valentine’s Day 1993 to 2001 and seemed in short roles in most of his productions made at this point.

Lisa Marie with her husband Tim Burton
Lisa Marie with her husband Tim Burton
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Burton suddenly ended their relationship next to the premiere of 2001’s Planet of the Apes, which he directed. Lisa had a little role within the film, while Burton’s new girlfriend Helena Bonham Carter was one of its lead actresses. Lisa returned in 2005 by taking disposal of private belongings that Burton had left-back, many of his confusion. Explore the marital status and early life of Jackyline Knifing.

Who Is “Silent Night” actress’ husband Tim Burton

Timothy Walter Tim Burton was born in 1958 on 25 August, he is an American director, producer, screenwriter, and artist. Burton is from Burbank, California. His dad is of Dutch, English, French, German and Scottish descent and his mom is Croatian, German, Norwegian, and Swedish. He started as an animator for Walt Disney Pictures, later he jumped on getting his own sets of films and projects.

Tim Burton with a great smile
Tim Burton with a great smile
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Tim has their own way and the movies that he executes are creative and usually based on events that would not appear in actual life. The main character in Edward Scissorhands is a young man who has scissors rather than hands. The audience was attracted by his movies that suit his individual tastes. He seems to have bipolar disorder. He lives in Belsize Park, London.

Lisa Marie Net Worth & Social Media

The talented actress Lisa Marie holds a net worth of $3 million. In fact, her main source of income is from her modeling and acting career. Furthermore, Lisa has worked with many various filmmakers like Allen, Matthew Modine, Tim Burton, and Rob Zombie and has starred in feature movies besides Johnny Depp and Tim Roth.

Lisa Marie posing looks beautiful with a french cut hairstyle
Lisa Marie posing looks beautiful with a french cut hairstyle
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The Beatnicks actress Lisa is inactive on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It seems that she keeps her personal life private. On another hand, her husband is active on social media. Furthermore, he has 19.4k followers on Twitter holds 531k followers on Instagram. He is also available on Facebook. Also, know the net worth and earnings of Ramon Hilario.

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