Lisa J. Ling is an American television reporter and correspondent. Lisa made herself widely recognized as the host of a show entitled ‘Our America with Lisa Ling’. A top journalist and media icon was born on August 30, 1973. Ling has rendered a great service to her working field and gained a bona fide celebrity status in the media world. When we take a look at her profile, in the recent time she has been successful to  establish herself as the prominent media figure. List is best known as the former host of the national geographic explorer. Since 1991 she has been actively contributing to this moment.

Ling was born in Sacramento, California, the daughter of Dough ling, a Chinese immigrant and Mary Mei-Yan, a Taiwanese immigrant. Lisa’s parents' marriage could not last for a long time. The couple divorced and eventually Lisa Ling and her sibling – sister Laura Ling was solely raised by their father. Lisa grew up in Sacramento, a place where she spent most of her childhood. She attended Del Campo High School from where she graduated in 1991. To receive her higher education, she was enrolled in University of Southern California. She has also collected a degree in Spanish Language.

Lisa was influenced and inspired to become a media personality when she was nominated in a nationally syndicated teen magazine show entitled ‘Scratch’. Lisa’s star quality at an early age was an evidence that she would become a notable media icon in her coming life. Later she initiated her real network career when she was affiliated with Channel One News, there she was the youngest reporter and anchor. In Channel One News, she began filing stories as a war correspondent. During Iraq and Afghan war period, Lisa was reporting from Baghdad and Kabul. Being invulnerable to fear she has reported an account of  devastating events from the war zone. After a time she has had a large array of awards bestowed upon her for her unique reportings and documentaries. Lisa went to work for the view on August 2, 1999. It is reported that Lisa surpassed twelve thousand contestant in an audition to substitute Debbie Matenopoulos. There she served for approximately three and half years, afterwards towards the end of 2002 she departed and made her comeback to the international reporting. On her return to international reporting, Lisa made a controversial remark about the terrorist attack on world trade center.

Along with her reporting of vital international events, Lisa has presented an account of the drug war in Colombia. She has also conducted an inquiry of ill-famed MS-13 gang, investigated the culture in US prison. During her trip to North Korea, Lisa dreamt of making a rare documentary about the condition in North Korea. This documentary was entitled “Inside the North Korea” and released in 2007. In addition to that Lisa has made a coverage of many heart-rending cases such as gang rape and bride burning in India, furthermore she also investigated the cases of child trafficking in Ghana. A planet in peril, inside the North Korea are those rare documentaries which made her internationally acclaimed journalist that she is today. At the moment she contributes as a special correspondent for “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.

Speaking of her private life, on January 3, 2007 Lisa’s engagement with Paul Song was officially announced. Later on May 26, 2007 she got  married to Paul song. Popular celebrity Kelly Hu, Dianne Farr and Connie Chung had attended her wedding party. Her husband is a radiation oncologist by a profession. So far the couple has not separated. In fact there are no any rumors about their divorce. In October 2012 Ling has formally announced that she was expecting her first child. On March 8, 2013 Jett Ling Song was born as her first child. Lisa possesses a net worth of  approximately $ 8.5 million which she earned as a host of National Geographic Explorer. Ling resides in Santa Monica in her green eco-friendly home with her husband and daughter.