Talented American journalist, Linzie Janis, works for the ABC news overnight show called World News Now, as the co-anchor. She is a news correspondent based on New York. She joined the network in 2013 and is doing a great work there.

There is no information about her early childhood and even her exact birth date is not known. Likewise, little is known about where she was raised or got her education. Her family too has not been disclosed.

 Her journalism career started off with CNN International in July 2002. She was placed at the London bureau and covered several attention grabbing stories all over the world like 2003 Iraq war, Asian Tsunami of 2004, terrorist attack in the London transportation in 2005, and many others. She worked for CNN for 6 years and left it in August 2008. After CNN, she immediately joined Bloomberg TV, also based in London at the end of the year 2008. There she mainly presented the business news program First Look, which talked about the impact of European business news on its future strategies and Asian news. She was also the co-anchor of the program that reported news on European market called Countdown alongside Owen Thomas. She served the channel for five years before leaving it for the ABC News. She was welcomed to the ABC News in February 2013. Her work in the network has been highly appreciated. She got an opportunity to interview renowned celebrities like the chairman of HSBC Douglas Flint, CEO of Siemens Peter Loescher, former UK financial services secretary Lord Paul Myners, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell Peter Voser, among others.

Like her early life, Linzie has kept her personal life revealed too. She is tight lipped about it and makes no comments when asked about her love life. She has not made any of her relationships public and it is really hard to tell if she has a boyfriend, is dating someone or is single at the moment. As far as we know, she has not been married yet, never had a husband and is pretty single at the moment. She seems to be enjoying her singularity, and is keeping all of her focus on her career. Maybe she thinks that she has time to get in a relationship, get married, have children and start a family. Till then we can only hope that someday she will be comfortable to disclose her personal information.

Janis owes a bit of her fame to her irresistible good looks besides her great presentation skills. Talking about her physical appearance, she has an estimated height of 6 feet and 2 inches. She has a hot body with attractive measurements. She shows off her curvaceous body in formal skirts and her pretty feet in matching shoes. She has gorgeous long pair of legs that make her look even taller. In order to maintain her weight, she works out regularly and takes a balanced diet. She has great sex appeal and can bind her viewers to the television for long. Although she has never posed in a bikini, it won’t be too hard to guess that she will look hot in it. She is active in her Twitter and has a lot of followers. She posts tweets regularly about the recent news updates and sometimes about her personal life too. Her fans and followers get to know more about her through various articles written about her all over the internet. The wiki has her bio but has too little information and needs to add details to it. At the age of 26, she has risen to a great height and at this pace; she will be at the top of the corporate ladder in no time.