Lester Holt is a renowned American journalist who is currently associated with the NBC channel as an anchor for the shows Today and NBC Nightly News. The talented man also hosts Dateline NBC. He opened his eyes for the first time to witness the beauty of mother Earth on March 8, 1959. As per his education, he completed his high school at Cordova High School. He obtained his higher degree from the California State University in Sacramento. During his college days, he worked as a DJ.

Talking about his career journey, he got the opportunity of working for WCBS-TV in New York City as a reporter in the year 1981. Then in 1982, he was appointed as reporter and host for by the KNXT network in Los Angeles. The following year, he joined WCBS-TV again as a reporter as well as weekend host. The ambitious man then became associated with WBBM-TV in Chicago and served the channel for 14 years as an evening news anchor. He also did exclusive coverage for the channel from different parts of the world like Iraq, Haiti and several other places. Then he moved towards a brighter future by joining MSNBC in the year 2000. He was assigned full-time responsibilities at the NBC network in 2005. He appeared as the substitute host for shows NBC Nightly News and Today. Later, he was made the co-host of Weekend Today due to the sudden death of David Bloom. He also served the MSNBC channel as a host for daily newscast. Then with his hard work he succeeded in grabbing the opportunity of working as anchor of for the NBC Nightly News for its weekend edition. The man with talents is currently serving the NBC network as a anchor for the show Dateline.

The skillful journalist has been gifted with acting talents as well. He has shown his skills through movies like The Fugitive and Primal Fear. He has also starred in some episodes of television shows Due South, 30 Rock and others. He has worked very hard to get the position he has now. He has contributed a lot to the world of media. His devotion bagged him Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award in 1990 for his. In the year 2012, he was honored with an Honorary Doctorate from the Pepperdine University.

Putting light on his personal life, he lives in Manhattan with his family. The man belonging to African ethnicity is married to Carol. The husband and wife have been blessed with two sons, namely Stefan Holt and Cameron Holt. His son Stefan Holt is also a journalist. In the year 2012, the father and the son shared the television and amazed the viewers. We can find the video of that remarkable day on the YouTube as well.  Handsome Holt looks terrific every time he appears on the television and his glasses add influence to his personality. There were rumors that he is a gay and on websites too we can find that people have voted that he is a gay. This remains as an unanswered question. However, this is certainly not true as he is leading a prosperous life with his family. According to the sources, the man is fond of and likes playing bass guitar during his leisure. He has earned both name and wealth from his hard work. At the start of 2014, he has made a fortunate net worth of $10 million. According to the sources, his annual salary is $1.5 million per year.

Holt is very hard working and ambitious person who can be taken as a role model by the people of the world who want to set up their career as a successful journalist. His worth reading bio can be found on various websites. He has taught the world that success comes along with hard work.