Lesley Visser is a television sports correspondent and a sports writer belonging to American nationality. She was born on 11 September at Quincy, Massachusetts. She is currently associated with CBS network’s sports branch.

As a kid Visser was always interested sports. Her parents were engineer and a school teacher by profession. She had decided to become a sports writer when her age was ten although at that time women were not involved in jobs like these but her parents supported her and encouraged her. She went to Boston College and got her major in English.

Visser first started her career in sports journalism on 1974 when she got an award from Carnegie Foundation which also gave her an opportunity for her to work in the Boston Globe as a sports writer. She worked for the Boston Globe for thirteen years and during that time she covered sporting events of college football, MLB, NBA, golf events, college football games, horse racing events and the England Patriots for which she became the first female NFL beat writer. Although she was seen doing few reports during 1984 for CBS but she officially joined CBS on 1987 and she was assigned to cover NBA events, college basketball games, college football, tennis and also the Olympics. She joined ESPN and ABC sports on 1993 when CBS lost its fight for the rights of NFL gaming events. In ESPN she acted as a contributor for shows like Monday Night Countdown, NFL Gameday and Sports Center. And for ABC sports she reported from different sporting events like college football, NFL playoffs and she also was a contributor for Triple Crown, Major League Baseball and ABC’s Wide World of Sports.

Visser went back to CBS sports during August 2000 and served as a reporter for the NFL event, college basketball games, figure skating and other major sports events. She also writes column for CBSSports.com since September 2007. In 1983 Lesley Visser got married to Dick Stockton who is also a sports anchor but their marriage did not last and they got divorce in 2010. Lesley Visser current husband is Bob Kanuth who is a millionaire businessman.

On June 1993 Visser had to undergo face and hip surgery as Lesley Visser had an accident while jogging at the central park of New York City and she had to do a major hip surgery where artificial hip were transplanted in her on 2006. Visser has got a huge fan following and they admire her very much. Viewers are amazed by her beautiful face and her long pair of legs and feet. Lesley Visser is happy with her current job and the salary which she is earning. Lesley Visser biography can be obtained from wiki and other websites.