Leo Laporte is an American journalist specializing in technology coverage on radio, television and internet as well. According to current estimation of his total net worth has subjected to be of $2.5 million. He is the man who celebrates his birthday on every November 26, 1956, is currently is 57 years old by age had married to his wife Jennifer Laporte. After his divorce in 2010 he’s presently believed to be single and has been subjected to have affair with Lisa Kentzell. Further details about him are also available in wiki and other biographic sites.

An American nationality holder, Leo Laporte is the founder and owner of the TWiT Netcast Network which was launched on 2005. Next to it he is also widely recognized as an entrepreneur and author by profession. He has been believed to be have sharp minded and curious by nature. He is the man of interest who couldn’t get his interest through papers of course book and dropped his university just to go in search of interested field. In his education career he dropped out from Yale University and joined the post of radio broadcaster where he changed his name to Dave Allen and Dan Hayes. After that he started working on several technologies which were related to broadcasting projects. He has successfully created and co-hosted “Dvorak on computers”.

On television, he was renowned as the host of “Internet” through PBS network. Addition to it, he also presented “The personal computing show” for CNBC. Leo has accomplished a milestone career and has considered being one of the prominent and the legendary technology broadcaster. Till the end his accomplishment is the product of his continuous hard work and dedication for many years. It is the matter of inspiration, that he is the guy who sacrificed his education for his passion towards technology growth and made his career successful without any degree.

He is estimated to have wealth equal to $2.5 million in his account. The multitalented guy who has multi profession as an author and journalist has also written few books and published them over the years. he has accumulated his high net worth from the hard he has been doing since the day he got associated to his work. His written books are “101 computer answers you need to know”, “Leo Laporte’s 2005 Gadget Guide”, “Leo Laporte’s Guide to TiVo” and many more. In 1997, he was awarded by Emmy Award for his work on MSNBC’s “The Site”. In 1998, he successfully created and co-hosted “The screen savers” and “Call for Help”.

About his personal life, he was formerly married to his wife Jennifer Laporte. The couple has two children named Abby and Henry. Their married relation ended after 2 years they ended their relation in 2010. Presently he is believed to be single and has been subjected to be for various rumors which include his affair with Lisa Kentzell. The rumor had turned out to be one of the famous controversial in news history that it had succeeded to get attraction on front page of the paper as headline news. Currently he is living in California and living his single life.

There are many more about him to be known for the readers. Various sites successfully holds his detailed biography so his fans and followers can join him via several social networking sites as well.  as he is also available on radio broadcasting, his fans can get closer to him from it too. Besides that he is also available on twitter, facebook and Google Plus. Technology lover guy is always connected to different sites to help his fans in every possible way he could on the matter of technology.