Lele Pons, the Instagram sensation, who was rumored to have been dating Juanpa Zurita is linked with another man.

He is none other than Ray Diaz, the latest member of Jake Paul’s Team 10. 

The rumors started in 2016 when an Instagram account named ‘raypons_lelediaz’ posted an intimate picture of them.

The rumor quickly dried out because neither Ray nor Lele confirmed it and in 2017, their possible relationship has come back to the limelight.

A Twitter account with the name Gustavo posted a tweet which contained a collage picture of Lele Pons and Ray Diaz.

As you can see, the tweet didn’t garner as much attention as it should, but about a month ago, the rumor was confirmed in Jake Paul’s video.

The video posted by Jake in his Youtube channel on November 6, 2017, was titled ‘He Revealed what famous girl name is tattooed on him.’

Ray Diaz was the main focus of this video, as Jake and other Team members try to convince him to reveal the tattoo.

On the 13th minute of the video, Ray reveals a vertical rectangular tattoo with the word, ‘LELE.’ 

What does this mean for Lele Pons and Ray Diaz? Will they come forward with their relationship in the near future?