Larry Mendte is an American network television personality on the WPIX. Born on January 16, 1957 in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania Larry Medte started out his journey through life. Larry was born into a devoutly christian family. As a child he was taught and raised according orthodox Christian dogma. His parent admitted him in St. Philomena Catholic elementary school where he received his primary education. Mendte graduated with honor from Monsignor Bonner High School which is situated nearby Drexel Hill. As a student, Larry proved himself brilliant in the study. Apart from his study Mendte was an active participant in extracurricular activities as well. Following his high school graduation, Larry was enrolled in West Chester University of where he took a B.A degree in communication. Beginning 2003, Larry seated into the high school’s Hall of Fame which was a great honor for him.

Around 1984 Larry embarked on his professional career. His early duty on WABC includes, covering a sports news and was assigned a duty as a weekend anchor. In 1991, Larry was hired by WBBM in Chicago, there he contributed as an investigative reporter. Soon he became favorite and influential news anchor among local residents. During his service at WBBM, Larry presented a report on school bus safety which helped in formation of a new state law. Larry has been recognized many times in his life. Throughout his career, a large array of awards has been bestowed upon him. Recognizing his contribution, the lllinois Associated press confer honor upon him as a best reporter. Mendte has got the wide range of experience working as a news anchor. Throughout his professional career, Mendte has been a part of the numerous news network. Mendte served as a news anchor at WLYH in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Remaining in Columbus, Ohio, Mendte went on air as a reporter at WCMH. In addition to that he also appeared as a news anchor at KIEM in Eureka, California and WTAJ in Altoona.

At KFMB, San Diego, Mendte was weather correspondent. In 1996, when a show Access Hollywood was debuted for the first time, Mendte came up as a first male host. Mendte has additionally hosted a number of other entertaining shows. However Larry did not remain there for a long time. In 1997 he departed from Access Hollywood to get back to Philadelphia. At Philadelphia’s WCAU he held the position of the main news anchor. It was his first major responsibility at the network. At WCAU he was assigned a time slot of 4 PM, 6 PM and 11 PM. Furthermore Mendte produced his own show Live at Issue, a news talk program. During his time at WCAU he got wide attention from viewers and also took the network to the new level of height. In his professional career, wherever Mendte has joined there he has helped to make a drastic improvement. In 2003, Mendte was affiliated with KYW. Soon on his arrival he bettered the network’s position, introducing some effective idea.

When the Hurricane Sandy wreaked the havoc in the New York City, Larry jointly anchored along with Kaity Tong. Through out his tenure at WPIX, Larry has provided viewers with major breaking news stories. It was his coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing that helped him make internatinally acclaimed journalist. Larry has covered numerous news worthy events. Indeed he has demonstrated his exceptional ability by shedding light on crucial issues. On May 7, 2012 Larry made his comeback to WWIQ-FM. He served there for a while but on December 31, 2012 Larry was fired from the station. His dismissal caused heavy loss to the station. Later on August 2013, it was officially declared that station would be sold to the Education Foundation Media. In his distinguished career, Larry has also fallen into prolonged public dispute. On August 22, 2008, Larry was alleged of deliberately accessing email account of Alycia Lane. This resulted in a scandal that was covered in the media houses. Except from some disgraceful gossip about his private affair, there are many remarkable and admirable aspects of Mendte’s life.

Remarking about his private life, in 2001 Larry was married to Dawns StensLand. Before his marriage to Dawns Stensland, Larry divorced his first wife. The couple has borne two sons together. Larry also has two children from his previous marriage. Larry’s fan can keep in touch with him via Twitter and Facebook. His abridged form of biography is also presented in Wiki.