Lara Logan is an Emmy award-winning South African television reporter and war correspondent. In the recent time she has come out as one of the leading media icons. Lara is best known for her contribution as the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS Network and correspondent for the CBS show 60 minutes. Standing at an impressive 1.68 m tall, Lara possesses beautiful & shiny leg and feet which add glamor to her show. Lara is just like a breath of fresh air for the viewers who has grown tired of watching a  monotonous news story. She has always been implausibly good looking and certainly she is something more than a pretty face on camera. Around 1988, she began her professional career since then she has rendered a service of great significance. Today Lara is considered to be one of the influential television journalists.

On 29th  March 1971, Lara Logan was born in Durban, South Africa. Following high school graduation from Durban’s Girls College, Lara was enrolled in  University of Natal where she studied commerce. In 1992 Lara graduated with honors from the University of Natal. Afterward Logan turned her interest to take up the French Language course. So she joined the Université de l'Alliance Française in Paris from where she collected a diploma degree in French Language and Culture. Lara began her early career as a news reporter for “The Sunday Tribune” while she was in her high school. By then she was affiliated with the Reuters television in Africa. While in there Lara exhibited her extraordinary ability and contributed as a senior producer. Lara remained there for four years, afterward she intended to  work as a freelancer. As a freelancer Lara accomplished a wide variety of  jobs from writing,  shooting and editing news report behind the camera to anchoring on air in front of camera. Furthermore Lara was assigned to cover the 1998 United States embassy bombing incidents which happened in Nairobi and Tanzania. As a freelance correspondent she also covered the story of the Northern Ireland conflict and presented the report of Kosovo war.

Lara’s GMTV Breakfast television career started in 2000 in the United Kingdom. As GMTV correspondent in 2001 Lara flew to Afghanistan to report on the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks. While her service in there, Lara interviewed the General Babajan. In 2002, Lara started filing a report as an on air correspondent for CBS news. Lara was promoted as a fully fledged correspondent for the CBS News Network. Lara has reported to a great extent from many war zones. Lara undertook many arduous tasks as a CBS correspondent. During Iraq and Afghan war period, Lara reported from the battlefield on the behalf of CBS . Most of her coverage goes to a show 60 Minutes. Lara was assigned a role of Chief foreign affairs correspondent for the CBS in February 2006. Apart from that Lara also appears regularly for the CBS evening news show Face the Nation and The Early Show.  

On February 3rd 2011 while Lara was covering the story of the Egyptian Revolution, she became a victim of sexual harassment. A group considered her as a Jew and was sexually assaulted by a crowd. Many viewers also severely condemned her as being unprofessional and deliberately wearing tight jeans and tops to catch attention of audiences. Apart from that she has also been notoriously famed for her breast implant cases, groupie like attitude. Some viewers has also labeled her as a bimbo though she might not be.

Speculating about her personal life, In 1998 Lara was married  to a  Jason Siemon. He was a basketball player by a profession. Perhaps Lara was not satisfied from her conjugal life and eventually their marriage ended in divorce. While her service in Afghanistan, Logan started having an affair with Joseph Burkett, who was a US government defense contractor. In the meantime their affair turned into marriage. In 2008 she remarried Joseph Burkett. In December 2008 she gave birth to her first baby. Currently Lara lives with her children and husband in Washington. Lara has a son and daughter who are named Joseph and Lola.