Kyle Newman is an American multi personality celebrity who is an actor and is mainly known for his direction in the movies. He not only directs movie but he is a producer, screenwriter and also an editor. He also has a brother who is also in the same profession and also follows the same occupation, Kevin Newman. Kevin is the creator and also the designer of Futurama and the famous television series The Simpsons. He was born on the 16th of March in the year 1976. Newman was born in the city of Morristown which is situated in New Jersey in the United States.

Kyle Newman started off his career from directing movie along with writing the scripts along with some stories. His first project has been The Cyclist in the year 1997 where he was the director himself and also the editor. The movie contained his writing and was also the producer of the movie. His another similar work has been in the year 1998 where he launched Bitten by love where he was the director himself. Then in the year 2000 he directed, wrote and also produced a movie, Drne which was released in the same year. After the production and the direction of the movie he gave a pause in his work and later in the year 2004 he launched Artflick.001 where he wrote the scripts and also directed the movie. His most of the works has been in the direction of the movie. In the same year, Newman released another movie which was titled The Hollow where he got to direct the movie. Later in the year 2008 he wrote a short film for the company, Microsoft and also directed it. The movie was titled The Cube. A year later he premiered another movie which was also one of his directions. The movie was titled Fanboys. Then in 2010 he got to direct another movie which was the adaptation from We Are the Fallen and the movie was titled Bury Me Alive. Apart from directing movies he has also done some production projects. In the same year he produced two movies which were titled The Fox Sisters and Latch Key. His production and directed movies are mainly non-commercial. Apart from movies he has also contributed his work for some music videos. The hit summer song by Lana Del Rey which was titled Summertime Sadness was also directed by Newman. He did the video direction along with Spencer Susser. His another direction in the same year which was 2012 had been in Star Wars: Smuggler’s Gambit. His latest directed movie has been Fanboys II and Chewie.

About Newman’ personal life he has been married to Jaime King. King is an aspiring model and also a hopeful actress. The couple met in the year of 2005 where Newman was working on the project of Fanboys. They met on the set of the movie and they started dating. When they dated for about three months they decided to give their relationship a pace as they moved in together. Kyle proposed King in the year 2007 during the springfall and the couple got married on the 23rd of November in the year 2007. Their marriage ceremony was held in the Los Angeles at the Greystone Park and Manor. The place was the exact spot where Kyle had proposed to Jaime. In an interview with Kyle once, he stated that he wanted at least three children. The interview was taken by the InStyle magazine. They got their first child who was a son and named him James Knight Newman. Knight was born on the 6th of October in the year 2013.