Kiran chetry is a Nepali-born American news anchor and journalist. Chetry has served as a news anchor and reporter for many leading news Channels like CNN news network, Fox news, WICU-TV. Chetry is considered as one of the hottest news anchor. She has rendered a service to the media sector for more than a decade.  At the moment she is linked with none of the news channels.

Kiran Chetry was born on August 26, 1974 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Kiran was a cross-breed child, who was born to Nepali father and Ukrainian mother. Kiran’s mother Nancy was a volunteer member of civilian organization sponsored by the US government. Her mother belongs to German, Dutch and Ukrainian ethnicity. Kiran was born at Patan hospital and soon after she was seven months, her parent moved to the United States. Kiran was brought up in Gaithersburg, Maryland. She enrolled in Montgomery Blair High School to receive her early education.

Kiran established herself as a very competent and efficient student. She had participated in the swimming competition. Her parent had admitted her to a very good school so that she would be qualified enough to be an independent and self-reliant person in the future. She joined the University of Maryland College Parks from where she earned a degree in arts. During her graduation days she had also been the member of a social club for female undergraduates.

She commenced her professional career in 1995 at News21 in Rockville, Maryland. Following year Kiran joined at WICU-TV in Erie, Penniylvia where she was assigned duty of main anchor. There she had to present an account of health report. Coincidentally Kiran’s  first meeting with her husband Chris Knowles was also in the same spot.  Her husband used to be a news anchor for the Prime Time news network. Kiran had hosted a show ‘Young and Hooked’.

The show examined teen smoking habit. Kiran succeeded in winning best enterprise reporting award for her show. That was really a big achievement in her life. Again in 1999 Chetry departed  from WICU-TV and she was affiliated with KXTV in Sacramento, California. By then in 2001 she started to serve for Fox News Network as a general reporter.

On March 8 she covered a story of ice cream eating. Following year she was honored by Nepalese society in America. Later in 2005 Chetry was assigned duty on weekend morning news show ‘Fox and Friend Weekend’. She managed to become the regular news anchor of Fox News Network. For a long she served to Fox news but however there were some conflict and dispute during her departure from the Fox News network. In 2007 her contract with Fox News was terminated.

As usual it was anticipated that she would be making an agreement on new contract but however could not re-establish on a new contract. Chetry was alleged of demanding a separate section of a legal document for her new contract. Fox news stated that it would be prejudicial to do so for other talent of Fox news but Chetri agent denied Fox news claim. Finally they could not make any deal and Chetri departed from Fox news. There were many controversies and argument regarding her departure from Fox news.

According to report immediately within an hour of her departure from Fox news, she joined the CNN News Network. She started to work as a CNN news reporter and anchor on February 16, 2007. She was assigned a duty to jointly host a show ‘American Morning’.  On that very day she had also anchored the show ‘Anderson Copper 360’.  After a while she took a place of another CNN news anchor Paula John and began to host a show ‘Now’ and ‘CNN News Room’. While working as a news anchor and reporter for a CNN she covered major breaking story from all over the United States. Her contribution as a journalist was really outstanding.

Apart from her excellent career she is also regarded as a hot bombshell. She stands five feet and seven inches tall. Kiran is voted as one of the sexiest news anchors. She has earned a large number of male fan following her. She has been ranked as sexiest news anchor of America. It is obvious that many viewers are tempted by her hot buxom figure. Her curvaceous figure looks very seductive when she is in a bikini. She looks stunning in tight skirt and shirt. Kiran Chetry was married to Chris Knowles who is also a journalist by profession. They have two children and they are living a happy life. There is no news as Chris Knowles & Kiran Chetry divorce  Her detail biography can also be obtained from wiki and through other sites.